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Muslim and Christian Leaders

John L. Esposito

Professor of Religion and International Affairs at Georgetown University, Board Member of Muslim council of America Published October 13, 2009 in

Muslim And Christian Leaders Seek a Global Agenda for Change

Last week more than 80 religious, political and NGO leaders from around the world spoke to packed audiences at Georgetown University’s Common Word conference, at a time when engagement with the Islamic world is more urgent than ever. In contrast to the past, the world of the 21st century is both transformed and threatened by the impact of globalization, a source of integration and fragmentation in international affairs, economic and soci...

Why American identity

Why Muslims of America need American identity

M.Akhtar, Ph.D
It is an established fact that to avail the benefits from America, or any society, immigrants have to adjust to American ways in order to be accepted. The fuller the adjustment, the fuller is the acceptance. Muslims need American identity for full acceptance and for full membership into “in-group”. Naturally, the society has a differential scale for “in-group” as opposed to the “other-group” for its reward- punishment distribution. For middle to high-level jobs that presuppose skills and their certifications in the form of credentials, Muslims have little difficulty. It is on the highest managerial kind of positions that Muslims have huge difficulty for several reasons. They...

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