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Shariat Laws and Islam:position paper

SHARIAT LAWS AND ISLAM: position paper that has confirmation of a dozen qualified scholars of Islam Muslim Council of America Preface What is going on in the state legislatures of the US in regard to the ban of Shariat Law is noteworthy both in terms of its reflection and its impact on the relationship between Muslims of America and America at large. It highlights misunderstandings and apprehensions on both sides which often serve as the bedrock for animosity, bigotry and political exploitation. This paper is an attempt to present the position of contemporary Islam correctly and clearly in the hope to contribute positively to bring better understanding and better relationship. Position of Islam There is enormous confusion as to the meaning of Shariat, not only in non-Muslim American...

Health Care Reform

Health Care Reform: We’re Not Done Yet Dr. Walter Tsou , former health commissioner of Philadelphia, a board adviser to Physicians for a National Health Program ( Published on Friday, June 29, 2012 by Common Dreams Note: It is vital for Muslims to participate in the political System . There are many key issues that are going to be in the focus in the coming elections, we need to educate ourselves so that we vote intelligently. MCA is picking Healthcare as one chieh issue for Muslims education and clear thinking for many reasons .If we follow Islam, our heart bleeds for poor people who have no health care. Single Payor is the promising solution (wait for an article on it in the next issue) . May be some other solutions are better.We invite Americans generally and Mu...

Fatherhood in Islam

Fatherhood in Islam Tariq Ramadan, Ph.D Professor of Contemporary Islamic Studies at Oxford University, currently President of European think tank Note: A couple of weeks ago, we commemorated Father’s day in America. It is only appropriate to reflect on fatherhood in Islam too, even though mothers are elevated to a high position in Islam Many fathers miss the opportunity to educate their children and accompany them through life Father and son It is important for Muslims to have a discussion about fatherhood while keeping in mind the ever-fragile state of Muslim families. We need to re-assess the language we use and the ontological assumptions we make when we speak about the role of the father because often, the problem doesn’t just lie with the crisis but the way we deal with ...

Serving Humanity to serve God

Serving Humanity to serve God Zohra Lasania, Assistant Editor Come Sunday, when most people would stir out of their beds late mid morning, when the sun has risen much high up in the sky. It’s a weekend to enjoy, a break from work, and a lazy day. Not so, for a group of Muslims in Pittsburgh. A sister has risen early morning, preparing 30 food packets – a sandwich, a fruit and water bottle – each in a brown paper bag – sealed with a dash of love and prayers – for the homeless that shelter in a downtown location. Soon, cell phones begin to ring, and a chain of communication takes place - what time are we leaving, where are we meeting, and who is going today and who is not. It’s 10:00 a.m. - the group is already on their way, the brothers in one car, and sisters offer a ri...


CONVERTING ISLAMOPHOBIA INTO BLESSING Saleem Ahmed, Ph.D. President, Pacific Institute of Islamic Studies and All Believer Network. This article is based upon the author’s book “Islam: A Religion of Peace? (2008) (Moving Pen Publishers) Often, Pres. Obama has found himself in the ridiculous position of having to assure Americans that he is not a Muslim. As if being a Muslim is a plague. Dismayed, some Muslims have reacted strongly and called it a “Zionist plot” to malign their religion. Muslims emphasize, “Islam means ‘peace;’ so how can Muslims be violent?” And to underscore how Muslims have upheld this responsibility over the centuries, they remind the world that, when Jews were persecuted by “Christian Europe”, they were not only welcomed by “Muslim Spain”...

Responsing to Islamophobia

Responding to Islamophobia Aslam Abdullah, Vice President of MCA, Director of Islamic Society of Nevada, Editor of Muslim Observer, Author of several books and numerous articles Islam bashing, Islamophobia and Hate Islam are a deliberate campaign led by some journalists, religious fanatics and liberal as well as conservative commentators. They want to denounce Islam as a barbaric religion promoting violence and hatred against non Muslims. Ironically, the campaign is centered in a country where Muslims have been the most peaceful citizens for the last several centuries despite the fact that they were subject to all sorts of persecution. African Muslim slaves were forced to convert to Christianity and many of them were killed for refusing to succumb to the wishes of their masters. ...

Shariat laws: block them, do not block them, does it make sense?

Shariat Laws- Ban them, Block them: does it make sense? PART 1 Mohammad Akhtar, Ph.D President, MCA, Author of two books and numerous articles NOTE: PART 1 of the article is here while PART 2 is to be published in the next issue. It would argue that Muslims should focus more on the relationship with America. Reacting negatively out of anger and fear is only escalating the emotional climate for the worse .Muslims need systematic thinking and take the initiatives such as clearly declare that we do not need Shariat laws in America, it is not necessary as an Islamic mandate Frankly, I am confused about what is going on in the US regarding Shariat Laws: Legislators in many states want to ban it; others, however, oppose this move and support Muslims. Is it a fight between Muslims and “...

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