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Elections 2012

Aslam abdullah,Ph.D Vice President,MCA, Editor of Muslim Weekly Observer. Director of the Center,Las Vegas The November 2012 Presidential election is not yet another electoral ritual. It is not just a regular contest between the Democrats and the Republicans. It is not just a showdown between Obama and Romney. In fact, it is also not about economy or jobs or recession. It is about the direction of the future of America and the world. Don’t laugh and don’t think it is an exaggerated observation when you read that the direction of the future of America and the human civilization would depend on how the 169 million Americans vote. If it were a context between the registered Republicans and Democrats, the outcome is already pre determined. Some 86 million register...

Tennessee Islamic Center: Amidst Strife, a Mosque Rises

Tennessee Islamic Center: Amidst Strife, a Mosque Rises By CAMERON MCWHIRTER We are very pleased to publicize the news of the opening of Islamic Center of Murfreesboro as reported below.The organizers of this Center had contacted us too as they did other organizations to highlight the unfairness of the local community who were obstructing their religious project.We rememebr the freelings of despondency on their face , but now as i was in tennesse, Muslims there are happy and very appreciative if American law. The court administered the law and overpowered the local resistance . This is the beauty of American system that rises above the narrowminded ness of the local community and that is what we like and feel proud to be American (Editorial Staff) MURFREESBORO, Tenn.—A newlybuilt mo...

We’re American Muslims, Can’t Be Anything Else

We’re American Muslims, Can’t Be Anything Else Sherman Jackson,Ph.D Professor of Islam and Culture, University of Southern California | The following is mostly paraphrased from notes and memory Dr. Jackson explained that when many in the Muslim world hear us identify as American Muslims, they equate this identity with full support for unpopular aspects of American foreign policy. They mistakenly believe that American Muslims “identify with, condone, or want to whitewash” these policies. However, Jackson notes that “identifying as a Muslim American does not mean I go along or condone” the actions of the U.S. government. Dr. Jackson points out that if an American Muslim offers condolences for the victims of 9/11, as we rightly should, we are immediately challenged by some ...

Combating Religious Intolerance When Freedom of Speech Enables Hate Speech

Combating Religious Intolerance When Freedom of Speech Enables Hate Speech John Esposito & Sheila B. Lalwani Religious pluralism, versus the defamation of religion and freedom of speech have become an increasing source of conflict in international politics and interreligious relations. Preachers of hate and activists in America, Europe, and many Muslim countries are engaged in a culture war. Far right anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim political leaders and parties warn of the Islamization of America and Europe to garner votes. The acquittal on June 22, 2011 of Dutch politician Geert Wilders on charges of "inciting hatred and discrimination against Muslims," is a political victory for Wilders but also a sign of the times, growing normalization of anti-Islam bashing in the West. The OI...

Modern Muslims Need to resurrect the spirit of Free inquiry

Modern Muslims Need to Resurrect the Spirit of Free Inquiry Dr. Nazir Khaja,MD, MCA Board Member,Chairman, Islamic Information Service When people lose consciousness of the true spirit and values of their faith, their actions and practices no longer reflect the message of the religion they practice. The forms become an end in themselves as the greater vision that is meant to uplift and transform individuals and societies is lost. The significance of faith is reduced to a mere preservation of, and adherence to, the traditional outer practices that had once complemented and reflected the message. Religion becomes a museum for the preservation of the outer shell that was a container for the sustaining and life-transforming core. Focus is turned towards concepts of individu...


COMMENTS ON DR. SALEEM AHMED’S ARTICLE ON THE SHARIAH (August issue) Mohammad Akhtar, Ph.D I checked the periods when the Shariah writers and hadith compilers lived, and found the following: Shariah compilers: Jafar ibn Muhammad (702–765), Abu Hanifah ((699-767 ), Malik ibn Anas (711–795), al-Shafi (767-820), and Ahmad ibn Hanbal (780-855). Hadith compilers: Bukhari (816-878), Muslim (826-833), Ibn Majah (824-897), Abu Dawood (824-897), Tirmidhi (831-901), and Al-Nasai (836-925). Thus, Bukhari and Muslim, were born after Imams Jafar, Abu Hanifah, and Malik ibn Anas had died. And Tirmidhi and Al-Nasai were toddlers/youth when al-Shafi and ibn Hanbal died. Clearly, therefore, the only hadith compilation the Shariah writers had was al-Muwatta of Malik ibn Anas. That explains to ...

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