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Terrorism in Boston Marathon

(Bomb Explosion that occurred April 14, the 2 articles given below were written before the investigations got under way and any facts were known)

Everyone knows about the recent bomb blast that killed Bostonians and injured hundreds of them. What was the Muslims reaction? They are glued to the TV news, holding their breath, hoping but more like praying : oh God may the culprits be not Muslims. What is American reaction? Bet these blasts are done by Muslims. They are terrorists, violent and uncivilized people they need to be checked and punished. This reaction of America marked by rage and fear, likes to condemn Muslims before the facts are out. These prejudgments are already published in the media. This testifies to high emotionality. Similar emotionali...

Is Meat in the supermarket of USA HALAL

Adnan Jumani In the Name of Allah, the Entirely Merciful, the Especially Merciful. All praise is due to Allah, the Perfectly Wise. "The food of the People of the Scripture is lawful to you..." (Quran 5:5) Recently, a question came up, which has been very controversial in the western countries. Someone asked if the meat that is sold in the supermarkets in USA halal for Muslims to eat. An answer was given to the question by quoting the above verse and a hadith from Sahih Bukhari, and declared that the meat from the supermarkets in USA is permissible to eat. At that time, I could hear the gasps and murmuring throughout the gathering. Some were nodding yes with excitement, some were frowned, and some amazed at the answer. This opinion can be traced back to Yusuf Qaradawi, who ar...

Science and Islam

Science -and Islam (Abbreviated for the purpose of the website) Imam Zaid Shakir Professor at Zaituna College,Berkeley Science of the kind practised at SESAME throws up few challenges to Muslim doctrine (and in many cases is so abstruse that religious censors would struggle to understand it). But biology—especially with an evolutionary angle—is different. Many Muslims are troubled by the notion that humans share a common ancestor with apes. Research published in 2008 by Salman Hameed of Hampshire College in Massachusetts, a Pakistani astronomer who now studies Muslim attitudes to science, found that fewer than 20% in Indonesia, Malaysia or Pakistan believed in Darwin’s theories. In Egypt it was just 8%. Yasir Qadhi, an American chemical engineer turned cleric (who has studie...

Has slavcery been abolished

HAS SLAVERY BEEN ABOLISHED? Barakat Charnia, MD It seems slavery has transformed from physical to economic slavery. Physical chains have gone but psychological dependence is abundant. When we look at the history of mankind, there has been the curse of exploitation of human beings. Physical slavery was practiced in different intensity at different times in various geographical regions. The stronger groups or nations have used their strength in an ugly way to use the human beings of weaker nations to work for their own benefit and profit with a pathetic disregard for the natural justice and human rights. The people from the stronger nations will conquer the weaker ones and take away the able-bodied men and women to be sold to do someone else’s menial jobs. Enslaved persons ...

Muslims, the real ‘going back’

Muslims, the real 'going back' Nazir Khaja,MD, Board Member, MCA, Chairman of the islamic Information Service Every Muslim talks about the Golden Age of Islam, and is nostalgic about it. Rightly so. In terms of science, medical progress, scientific achievements, and philosophical, religious inquiries, Islam and Muslim societies were recognised as the gateway to knowledge. While the Muslims derive great satisfaction in recounting the past glory of Islam, no one is interested in answering the questions as to how these things ended? There must be a reason for this. Why Islam suddenly went into a deep freeze intellectually speaking. The process of going from religious commitment to religious confusion begs understanding and inquiry especially by Muslims thems...

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