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Niqab furor becomes national debate in UK, overlooks personal choice

By: Sarah A. Harlan

The din of the niqab-ban debate continues to rise in the UK as lawmakers express concerns of the security implications of women covering their faces with niqab and the overturning of a ban on niqab at Birmingham Metropolitan College.

The debate is polarizing within and without the Muslim faith community in the UK, but a leading concern of many is that the debate is monopolized by those who do not wear niqab, indeed most of them non-Muslim men.



MOVING BEYOND ISLAM’S “MIXED SIGNALS” Saleem Ahmed, Ph.D. (Board Member,MCA) Author of Islam: A Relgion of Peace, President,Islamic institute,Honolulu With the trials of Major Nidal Hasan and Dzokhar Tsarnaev fresh in people’s minds, the question whether Islam is a religion of peace troubles many, exacerbated by opposite signals from Muslim hawks and doves. For example, while the Islamic Society of North America quotes several Qur’anic verses to underscore Islam as religion of peace, Sheikh Abdullah bin Muhammad bin Humaid, former Saudi chief justice, quotes several other Qur’anic verses to incite Muslims to fight non-Muslims continuously. Since both quote the Qur'an, neither accuses the other of being “un-Islamic”. However, with the Sheikh’s article, “The Call to Jih...

Is Islam the Priority of Muslims?

Is Islam the Priority of Muslims? Aslam Abduallah,Ph.D Vice President,MCA, Director of Islamic Center of Nevada Is Islam really the priority of Muslims? Is Muslim leadership really concerned about justice? And does the Muslim world really care for human life? Well, these questions can be raised in almost every religious community? Even in a non-religious community, they are valid. Egypt saw the massacre through gun fire. Then Syria witnessed the killing through chemical weapons. Afghanistan has been witnessing it daily. Iraq is not behind. Israel has been inflicting death and destruction on Palestinians. Somalia is volatile. Ethiopia and Thailand are experiencing increased violence and in Pakistan the state and people have killed more citizens than killed by enemies in wars. If...

United We Stand: One Nation, One Destiny

United We Stand: One Nation, One Destiny United we stand; one nation, one destiny By Imam Zaid Shakir (article written in 2011, but it is still valid) United for Change was created to galvanize the Muslim leadership in North America to take on issues that are too large for any one individual leader, organization or group to effectively address. In our first two conferences we have called attention to the issue of Malaria in Africa and practical steps needed to preserve the integrity of the family. This year marks ten years since the attacks of September 11, 2001. It also marks the beginning of what promises to be a hard fought presidential election. These issues combine to point towards Islam and Muslims once again being in the spotlight, in a way far more intense than that which occ...

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