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Defining MUSLIM AMERICAN IDENTITY: A preview into how it would unfold in generations to come and how to capitalize on it Mohammad Akhtar, Ph.D President, Muslim Council of America Preamble : Islam as a unifying basis for Americanization? Muslim migrants came to USA predominantly about half a century ago. They showed remarkable adaptation to American ways within a decade or so after their arrival, when it came to perform in their jobs very much like Americans in their efficient handling and in American mannerism. Beyond that, have they become American at heart so to speak? Very sluggishly and very little indeed, which is quite normal . In our case, the big barrier to Americanization as Muslims mistakenly think is Islam, but actually underneath it is the same native old culture as is i...

Are Americans ready for a Muslim president?

Washington Post Religion Are Americans ready for a Muslim president? New poll suggests maybe By Julie Poucher Harbin | Religion News Service July 14,2015 A recently released Gallup poll found “tidal shifts” over the past 60 years in Americans’ willingness to support a well-qualified black, female, Catholic or Jewish candidate for president. But the study also found that 60 percent of Americans would be willing to vote for a president who was a “generally well-qualified person who happened to be Muslim.” Throughout the month of Ramadan, which concludes Thursday (July 16), American Muslims have been serving their communities — including raising more than $80,000 for black churches burned across the South and serving 1,000 homeless on Skid Row i...

There is Islamophobia,yes! But what about Muslims?

There is Islamophobia , yes! But what about Muslims and their presentation of lslam? Nazir Khaja , M.D Chairman of Islamic Information Service, Board Member of Muslim Council of America (MCA), Editor’s Note: we are keen on our presentation of Islam not just in the present article, that is at the high and visionary level for which Dr khaja is good and is well known for many years, but we like your evaluation also of other articles in this issue and all other issues. Please go to the Comments sections and fee...

Hypocracy in the name of God

Hypocrisy in the name of God and Same gender marriages Aslam Abdullah Director of islamic Center, Las Vegas The US supreme court's decision to legalize same gender marriages has sent shock waves in the religious world. It seems, so say the pious people, that the throne on which He sits is shaking. Some people are predicting the coming of the dooms day and some people are suggesting that the punishment meted out to Sodom and Gomorrah would inflict upon Americans and their allies soon. Some people are suggesting that pious religious people should leave the country, some are even suggesting to revolt. They assert that Shaitan, (devil) has completely overtaken the country and God is ultimately subdued. Among Muslims the issue is even more serious. Clerics are fuming and average person i...

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