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A shariah myth

A pervasive Shariah myth The radical right’s pet theory about Dearborn—or any of the cities and neighborhoods featured on the no-go list. Yet the creeping-sharia myth is so pervasive that it’s been repeated by folks like Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, considered a 2016 presidential hopeful, and by failed 2010 Nevada U.S. Senate candidate Sharron Angle, a Tea Party adherent, among numerous other Republicans. Fox News was forcecher Terry Jones hopped on the Dearborn bandwagon, planning to to demonstrate against—yep—the nonexistent spread of sharia law. Stopped by a court, Jones returned in 2012, and again in 2014. He’s been to the city—and been tried in its U.S. and state-law governed court for breach of the peace in 2011, when he and a companion were released after being ord...

Muslims being treated with suspicion

Reflections on being treated with suspicion How Muslims should be reacting – is reflected by two leaders in the present issue. We would welcome more reflections by other thinkers in future issues. – Editor Response: M. Akhtar None of us likes to be treated as suspicious – it is disgraceful and painful. Some of us feel anger and vent about this indignity by blaming the authorities and faulting the system. We dismiss the whole issue by crying foul and say we Muslims are victims of the discrimination. This complete dismissal is a similar reaction to the denial of any connection between Muslims and terrorism, as those it is some kind of conspiracy. These reactions help absolve ourselves of any responsibility to do anything. These reactions naturally lead us to conclude it is futi...

Muslims came to America the earliest of all

it’s true that from the very beginning, Islam has always been part of the social fabric of this country. In fact, it’s possible that Muslims got here before the first Christians. According to the PBS special, some historians believe that Muslims first arrived in the Americas in the early 14th century, after being expelled from Spain. Others say that Christopher Columbus referred to a book written by Portuguese Muslims who had navigated to the “New World” in the 12th century during his 1492 voyage. Those are controversial claims. But it’s clear that Muslims arrived here in significant numbers in the 16th century, along with large-scale European colonization. Some came voluntarily, but many more were brought here forcibly to work as slaves ...

Are Muslims Of America awake?

An Eye Opener- IF MUSLIMS ARE AWAKE ? During president Obama's last State of The Union address, when he rightly stated that the United States is a nation that will not tolerate anti-Semitism, the entire Congressional body stood up and applauded in support. In his next breath, when the President stated that America would stand against anti-Muslim sentiment, the chamber fell silent. Yet, Muslim American heard this silence, loud and clear. Muslims don't belong, and our elected officials seem to agree....

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