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Why Are There So Many Misconceptions About Muslim Americans?

Matthew La Corte. Research Associate at the Niskanen Center. Peaceful American Muslims are unfairly and ignorantly being lumped together with evil extremists in the aftermath of the Paris and San Bernardino attacks. Last month, Donald Trump -- dismayingly, still the Republican frontrunner -- further poisoned already toxic political discourse by proposing the U.S. ban all Muslims immigrants from entering the country. Unfortunately, this sort of rhetoric is widespread, and is unmistakably contributing to the increase of recent anti-Muslim hate crimes. But anti-Muslim rhetoric is out of step with reality. Not only are Muslim Americans successfully integrating into U.S. society, they are actually more opposed to intolerance and violence than many other Americans. Neverth...

Quran calls for coexistence, not clash

Fawad Ahmed, Malaysian Insider. The rise of Isis and the recent Charlie Hebdo massacre have brought the “clash of civilisations” discourse to a fever pitch. In reality, the Quran calls for a government based on values closely resembling that of Western republics. Equal rights are guaranteed to non-Muslims so long as they fulfil the same two obligations as their Muslim counterparts: follow the law and pay an income tax. Henceforth, they are considered “brothers in the system of life.” No religious conversion is required. Before we proceed, note that Islam (meaning “submission” to the will of God) is referred to as a “deen” in the Quran. Deen means “system of life” or “way of governance.” Religion is but a component of deen. Next, let’s review...

Defend the faith and use it to stand up to extremists

Rabbi James A. Gibson, Imam Abdu'Semih Tadese and Bishop David A. Zubik, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Chapel Hill. Paris. Libya. Copenhagen. Bangui. The list is endless. The fact is inescapable. In our day, the price of religious hatred is blood. Blood on the floor. Blood in the parking lot. Blood on the desert sands. Blood on the streets of our cities. No one in the kosher supermarket in Paris had defamed the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. None of those in that apartment building in Chapel Hill, N.C., had cursed Christians. No Coptic Christian in Egypt had insulted anyone to merit beheading. None who have died in these attacks on religious groups consciously offended another faith. Their lack of offense was no defense against violent death at the hands of those wh...

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