Muslims now are an organized political force in Irving

by James Ragland, Dallas Morning News Something remarkable is happening in Irving, a city that, for the better part of a year, clumsily became a tinderbox for anti-Muslim madness. Time flies when you’re facing cultural bias and religious persecution. This is the town where Ahmed Mohamed, the “clock boy,” gained notoriety last fall for bringing a homemade project to school. Over the past 15 months, since Mayor Beth Van Duyne began stoking fears that Muslims were setting up a Shariah law court at an Irving mosque, the Muslim community hasn’t just turned the other cheek — it has rolled up its sleeves and gone to work. We noted last year that Muslims, who have generally refrained from city politics, had begun organizing get-out-the-vote drives and showing...

Supreme Court Sides with Muslim Woman who was denied a job

Note by Mohammad Akhtar, President of MCA. It gives us great satisfaction to publish in the following the report of victory of a Muslim woman who went to the Supreme Court to defend her right based on her religion and got the verdict reversed in her favor. More important than anything, it makes Muslims at large feel proud of being American. it is the country we salute and love which stands for a principle and defends an insignificant woman against the powerful and gigantic corporation- Abercrombie & Fitch and restores her right to wear Hijab if that is what her religion is. Supreme Court Sides With Muslim Abercrombie Job Applicant over Head Scarf--2nd Update BY Dow Jones & Company, Inc. 1:31 PM ET 06/01/2015 WASHINGTON-The Supreme Court on Monday said a Muslim woman who applied...

A Model of Health Care in Cuba

A Model of Health Care in Cuba: What can we learn from it? M. Akhtar, Ph.D The New England Journal of Medicine published Drs. Campion and Morrisey’s report on their recent visit to Cuba in January 2013. The article makes several startling observations, which addresses many of the concerns American have expressed with regard to their medical care. The debate around healthcare spanned decades and has reached its most recent zenith under the Obama administration. The latest political solution has been focused on universal healthcare coverage, which has raised questions on the adequacy of health care as well as the associated cost. In this back drop, a review of the Cuban system was thought to be relevant because it does provide universal coverage to its citizens going beyond minimum co...

Shariat Laws and Islam:position paper

SHARIAT LAWS AND ISLAM: position paper that has confirmation of a dozen qualified scholars of Islam Muslim Council of America Preface What is going on in the state legislatures of the US in regard to the ban of Shariat Law is noteworthy both in terms of its reflection and its impact on the relationship between Muslims of America and America at large. It highlights misunderstandings and apprehensions on both sides which often serve as the bedrock for animosity, bigotry and political exploitation. This paper is an attempt to present the position of contemporary Islam correctly and clearly in the hope to contribute positively to bring better understanding and better relationship. Position of Islam There is enormous confusion as to the meaning of Shariat, not only in non-Muslim American...

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