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Best Place for a Muslim to live

Dr. Merve Kavakci is a lecturer of international affairs at George Washington University
Washington – This summer Muslims were murdered in Holland, Germany, and Belgium – four victims of hate crimes. These murders are just the latest examples of Islamaphobia coming out of Europe. But Europe is not the only place intolerant of its Muslim citizens. Even in some Muslim countries, expression of religion is often perceived as a threat to the secular state. One of the best places for a Muslim to live is the United States. In a lot of ways, conditions are better here than almost anywhere. As a Muslim not permitted to wear my head covering as a politician in my home country, Turkey, I know. Think about it: In Turkey, where the vast majority of the population is Mus...

Recent European Scene: Islam on Clash with the West?

M. Akhtar, Professor of Psychology; Chair, MCA
Clash of Civilizations between the Muslim world and the West, suggesting the two are on a course of mutually assured destruction. The Pundits have long warned of the so-called imagery to reinforce the destruction was taken from crusades. These ’protectors ’would have you believe the Crusades (the source of the Clash) were fundamentally wars between the two religions. This assertion raises a question, however. If the hostility of the crusades came directly from the incompatibility inherent in these religions, how would one explain the present closer relations between Islam, Christianity, and Judaism – whose similarity of missions and commonali...

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