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Violence and Islam

Saleem Ahmed, Ph.D 1-808-371-9360
A lecture organized by the Muslims Students Association - Faculty Advisor: Prof.Yasmeen Mohiuddin was delivered at Sewanee: The University of the South, TN, in mid February,2010.
“The Qur’an carries several mixed signals,” explained Honolulu-based author Saleem Ahmed (Islam: A Religion of Peace? 2009), “For example, while verse 5.51 prohibits Muslims from trusting Jews and Christians, verse 5.5 permits Muslims to eat and intermarry with them.” On what basis can Muslims decide which verse to follow? “Unfortunately, since the Qur’an is not arranged chronologically, individuals select verses which justify their pre-determined agenda,” added Ahmed. “For example, while the Islamic Soci...

Defining the American Muslim Vision

Sulaymann Nayang, Ph.D, Professor, Howard University, Board Member of MCA Foundation
Since the events of 9/11 American Muslims have faced a number of challenges. Some of these challenges have heightened the American national consciousness of many Muslims, others have created a deep sense of fear among the leaders and the led of this community of native-born and immigrants. The diverse nature of the community has accounted for the divergent experiences and interpretations of their individual and communal experiences. Because the community members are drawn from over eighty countries around the world, no categorical statement can be made about the community, its membership, and its behavior in the country. Yet, there are opportunities provided by the challenges of 9/11 for Muslim...

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