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Islama’s emphasis on charity

Charity towards man, in its widest sense, is laid down in the Holy Quran as the second great pillar on which the structure of Islam stands. Spending out of whatever has been given to man stands for charity in a broad sense, i.e. for acts of benevolence to humanity in general. For what Almighty God has given to man is not only the wealth which he possesses but at the faculties and power with which he has been gifted. The most frequently recurring words for charity in the Holy Quran are Infaq, which means spending benevolently; Ihsan, which means the doing of good; Zakat, which means growth or purification, and Sadaqah, which is derived from the root, Sidq, meaning truth, and comes to signify a charitable deed. The very words used to donate charitable deeds are an indication of the bro...

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