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Muslims need American identity

Mohammad Akhtar, Ph.D Muslims living in America are estimated to be in the range of 4-6 million depending upon which measuring instrument one uses. PEW (2007) estimates Muslims to be in the lower direction. On the whole, Muslims resemble the general American population in their socioeconomic variables (earnings, education, employment) and other indicators, such as church attendance- 50% of Muslims attend mosque, and voter registration- 66% of Muslims are registered. However, on abortion and gay marriage issues, Muslims appear to be more conservative and resemble the Christian Right. About 1/5 of Muslims are America born blacks, while the rest are immigrants, who came to America mostly in 70’s and 80’s and have become naturalized citizens. The children of these immigrants who have co...

Bias against Islam

By John L. Esposito and Sheila B. Lalwani Religion News Service- Huffington Post, January 6, 2011 (RNS)
In a single vote, the Texas State Board of Education managed to undermine Christian-Muslim relations, hamper religious literacy and impose ignorance on our kids at a time when they need knowledge to live and work in a competitive and integrated world. Board members--no foreigners to strange and bizarre decisions--voted to scrub textbooks of anything that smacked of a "pro-Islam" or "anti-Christian" bias. Texas textbooks, by their sheer number, end up setting nationwide standards. The resolution, passed in a 7-6 vote, refers to moments in history when Christianity is portrayed unfavorably and Islamic events that could be deemed unfavorable are "glossed over." The vote end...

God and Science : Open heart surgery

Levi-Ben shmuel, Published in Huffington Post,12/11, 2010
(should we believe in God or science? We often think about this question. Levi-ben, jewish by faith, trained at MIT in 1988 in economic development, teacher in Thai Chi and singer by hobby presents a spiritual voice on the issue -Editor) The expression "let's get to the heart of the matter" is well ingrained in the English language. When it comes to the heart itself, what is the heart of the matter? The question arose while thinking about open-heart surgery. Recently, two close relatives underwent the operation. One needed his aortic valve replaced. The other "only" needed her mitral valve repaired. The idea that a highly trained stranger can literally hold a loved one's stopped heart in his hands, fix it and then re...

History of American identity in Muslims older than two centuries

The Founding Fathers and Islam (May 2002) – Library of Congress Information Bulletin
In his seminal Letter on Toleration (1689), John Locke insisted that Muslims and all others who believed in God be tolerated in England.
Readers may be surprised to learn that there may have been hundreds, perhaps thousands, of Muslims in the United States in 1776—imported as slaves from areas of Africa where read more...

How the Quran Burning Threat Showed What Is Good About America

Paul Brandeis Raushenbush, Religion Editor, Huffington Post

What's Your Reaction?

{Do you agree with the article? As a Muslim, we certainly appreciate freedom of religion in America, we also need to appreciate freedom of expression- within the boundaries of the first ,freedom of religion?. When we do appreciate that, I think, America as a whole passed the test with flying colors and we love her for it .Editor.} As Terry Jones and his Quran-burning stunt grow smaller in the rear-view mirror of history, it is time to take the opportunity to acknowledge the good thing that we as a nation accomplished in reacting to Jones' threat. In fact, if not for the damage that he has done by endangering American people and interests abroad, the event might be viewed as ...

Admirable example of Muslims aid to homeless individuals in Texas

Karen Grace reports
SAN ANTONIO -- San Antonio's local Muslim community raised $4,000 and gave socks, blankets and food items as part of care packages for the city's homeless population. 

Volunteers gave out 200 care packages at the Salvation Army center downtown to help a fraction of the 6,000 homeless individuals in the Alamo City.

 KENS 5 spoke of some of the youth helping out, who told her the efforts were worthwhile just to see people happy. Karen Grace reports....

Group gives back by opening free clinic

BY TIFFANY RONEY, The Wichita Eagle
Tiffany Roney/ Momo Khan, vice president of Mayflower Clinic, left, and Eustaquio Abay, brain surgeon of Mayflower Clinic, discuss office matters. The Mayflower Clinic, located at 3305 E. Douglas, provides free healthcare to individuals who do not have insurance. It is run entirely by immigrants. Several doctors from the Mayflower Clinic discuss their medical specialties Ð from brain surgery to oncology. The clinic, located at 3305 E. Douglas, provides free healthcare to individuals who do not have insurance. It is run entirely by immigrants. Abdul Arif, a Wichita-based attorney who is originally from India, and a group of his friends — all immigrants from various countries — have opened a free health care clinic as a way to give bac...

Islam, Science and Concerns About Creationism in the Classroom

Jalees Rehman, Assistant Professor of Medicine, University of Chicago Posted: January 1, 2011
I have often been asked why we scientists are so resistant to introducing ideas such as "creation science" in the biology classroom. My first reaction is to say that these ideas are not really scientific and therefore do not belong in a biology class, and I would be similarly opposed to teaching lacrosse rules or musical "song and dance" routines in a biology class. I have also realized that one of my key concerns is the harm that teaching creationist ideas in a biology classroom can do to the development of scientific thought in schoolchildren. I will first briefly illustrate some aspects of scientific work in biology, and then I will use a specific example from recent Muslim creationi...

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