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why everything has to be in Arabic

I was attending an event in an Islamic Center in a typical city of America. The speaker who spoke on Muslims' issues in this country did a good gob, at the end the audience applauded him by clapping in a spontaneus and joyfull manner. Suddenly, a community member stood up and confidently said " Why are you clapping, say Allah UO Akbar. The audience paused for a few moments, the community member reiterated Allah ah Akbar. The audience started saying Allah o Akbar too: as mechanically as a robot would act- but the expressed feelings seemed to lack in qualty ans spontaneity, I think. It puzzled me and made me ask the question: why? Does God understand only Arabic language or what? Did he not cause the Englishlanguage to be created too ? Why it is all right to clap and express naturally the ...

Domestic violence: Islamic solution

Qasim Rashid Critics incorrectly allege that Islam command's husband's to beat their wives, often citing the Quran verse 4:34. Unfortunately, like any Muslim man who harms his wife, critics miss the keen wisdom in verse 4:34 that actively pre-empts domestic violence. In Virginia, I provide pro bono legal support to victims of domestic and sexual violence. Virtually all of our clients are female. Every nine seconds -- nearly 10,000 victims daily -- a woman in the United States is abused. In America, domestic violence is the leading cause of injury to women, more than car accidents, muggings and rape -- combined. Would those who blame Islam for domestic violence also blame Christianity every nine seconds? Before addressing this question, consider Dr. James Q. Wilson's perspective --...

A Pakistan-born becomes NFL team owner

JACKSONVILLE: The Jacksonville Jaguars have long been in need of a boost and the struggling National Football League team may have finally found it from an unexpected source, Pakistan-born Shahid Khan. Khan bought control of the Jaguars late last year for a reported $760 million from Wayne Weaver, who led the organization into the NFL in 1995, and has quickly set about making his presence felt, both at the club and the north Florida community. Unsurprisingly for a man who started out “with a one way ticket and a few hundred bucks” but is now a multi-millionaire auto-parts businessman and member of the elite 32-man club of NFL owners, Khan isn’t lacking in confidence or ideas. “You watch those games on a Sunday and then during the week, in your own life, you have some sort ...

How is Islam similar to Christianity and Judaism?

John Esposito, Ph.D A distingished professor at Georgetown University, a worldwide authority and ambassador of peace and understading between Islam, Christianity and Judaism, and yet a coworker for the Muslims struggle for dognity, presently on the Board of MCA & Advisor for this website Judaism Christianity, and Islam, in contrast to Hinduism and Buddhism, are all monotheistic faiths that worship the God of Adam, Abraham, and Moses-creator, sustainer, and lord of the universe. They share a common belief in the oneness of God (monotheism), sacred history (history as the theater of God's activity and the encounter of God and humankind), prophets and divine revelation, angels, and Satan. All stress moral responsibility and accountability, Judgment Day, and eternal reward...

Shariat:What it is and who defines it`

Aslam Abdullah, Ph.D Vice Chair, MCA & Editor of its website, Author of several Books & numerous articles, Director of Islamic Society of Nevada, Introduction In the US, with each passing day, the debate about Shariah is getting complicated. There are those who perceive Shariah as a threat to the US constitution and then there are those who view Shariah as a way of life lived according to principles promoted and protected by the US constitution. For some it is the ideology of enemies and for others it is a style of life of patriots. Some say that Shariah is totalitarian, demonic. Authoritarian and militaristic, others say that it is humane, compassionate, divine and peaceful. Some say that less than one percent Muslims of the US population wants to impose Sha...

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