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Introducing our website

It is our pleasure to introduce a new website You will enjoy viewing this website for one reason: It is unique. It presents ALTERNATIVE NARRATIVES in various spheres of discourse - narratives which are sensible. For details, go to " About Website" a link on the top band of captions. For example, our website is selective and deals with Islam mainly in matters of issues facing in the present world (Muamlat). It seeks reading of Islam for finding contemporary solutions to live life righteously in the present context of time and place where we are situated. Of course, solutions have to be alternative and not the same “fixed ones” that are reflective only of ...

America’s True Heroes

America's true heroes: society's transformers Dina Malki An intellectualist but also an activist for civic and Muslim Women’s issues There is no doubt America is searching for heroes. However, looking for fictional superheroes with supernatural powers won’t solve the challenges that our society faces in reality. Real Americans who, on a daily basis, help promote social justice and human dignity, through peace, understanding, and selflessness ought to be recognized. Take for example the men and women who participated on May 11 in a cross-cultural training panel discussion at the Women’s Center in Fort Worth. Meet Diane Mayfield; she is a life coach, group facilitator, and professional speaker who worked on a special project initiated by United Way of Tarrant County, a non-profit...

Islam’s Influence on the Founding Fathers

Islam's influence on the Founding Fathers
By Mona Shadia
a reporter for Times Community News

Even though I wasn't born or raised here, there's a reason I feel at home in America. America's principles align with Islam's teachings. In fact, America's principles are not just based on Judeo-Christian values, but Judeo-Christian-Islamic values. After all, the three religions share the same father, Abraham, and the same God.After some research and a chat with a friend, who shared with me the work of a few authors and scholars, I'm convinced that this relationship and compatibility between Islam and America is not a coincidence. There's no doubt that when the Founding Fathers were forming the Constitution, they relied heavily on thinkers like John Locke.
Thomas Jefferso...

Understanding Islam’s War and Peace Signals

Saleem Ahmed, Ph.D. 1,2
On reading reports of terrorist attacks such as 9/11, Bali bombing, and Mumbai massacre, people often conclude that Islam is a religion of war. But Muslims emphasize Islam is a religion of peace. Which side is correct? Depending upon the Qur’anic verses and Hadith followed, both are correct. This is because passages extolling both war and peace exist in these sacred Muslim texts. Read in isolation and without knowing their contextual background, therefore, it is relatively easy to make a snap judgment supporting war, terrorism, and suicide bombing. In this article, I will present my views on what causes this fork in the Muslim road and discuss how we can move from war to peace. I should emphasize that, wh...

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