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African American Muslims Key to Bridge Building

African American Muslims Key to Bridge Building in U.S. AMINAH BEVERLY McCLOUD, Ph.D Director of the islamic World Studies, Depaul University, Chicago: Board Member of MCA Editorial Note: like the article by Professor Sherman Jackson that appeared in the September issue, the present article is welcomed by MCA as a valiant attempt to bring into our awareness a tension that exists from the overlooked significance of Afro-American identity. It poses a challenge for those of us who are attempting to formulate Islamic American identity that has to be color blind to the color as the reason for degrading one as inferior. Islam denounces it in the clearest terms not only the color but also other dimensions such as being Arab as superior as opposed to being Indonesian or being man as opposed...

The State of the Muslims in the United States of America

THE STATE OF THE MUSLIMS IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA SULAYMAN S. NYANG,Ph.D Professor at HOWARD UNIVERSITY, Board Memebr of MCA Muslim American or American Muslims have arrived politically, although their checks at the bank of American Social Acceptance, is delayed at the cash register. This metaphor borrowed from the late Dr. Martin Luther King of Civil rights frame is a good point of departure for our discourse on the Muslim presence and the challenges and opportunities facing this newly emerging religious and social community in American life and culture. In the Kingian metaphor, the late Civil Rights leader said the American check given to the Black American was returned with the note ”Insufficient funds.” Similarly, up until the collective discovery of the Muslim presen...

Free Speech debate fuels rage in Muslims

The film “Innocence of Muslims” continues to stir seemingly every kind of response, from angry marches in Bangladesh to a petition to the White House from a Kansas City group. Turkish authorities tried this week to tackle the technology, asking Google and YouTube to remove the videos related to the 14-minute film and seeking a court order to block Internet access. From Pakistan came a call for vengeful violence. The nation’s railways minister offered a $100,000 reward for anyone who kills the man behind the film’s production. The turmoil led President Barack Obama at the United Nations on Wednesday to condemn as “cruel and disgusting” the crude video that sparked two weeks of deadly protests, but he strongly defended the U.S. Constitution’s protection of the freedom of exp...

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