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Shariah in the Current Relativistic Age

Shariah in the Current relativistic Age Ilyas Mohammed We are necessarily different from each other, occupying discrete points in various domains, be they physical, emotional, or influential. It makes sense that our value system be elastic enough to account for the differences this reality entails. We are also necessarily similar to each other, sharing common spaces, be they spiritual, moral, or metaphysical. It also makes sense that our value system be unified to attest this singular reality. These two value systems may appear complementary but are commonly seen as antagonistic, one being hedonistic and self-centered, and the other being hidebound and ideological. History is littered with different philosophies and “isms” that have tried to explain reality and influence human beha...

America Born Imams are popular

America born imams are popular specially with Muslim youths . They deal with sensitive topics like marijuana use, dating and pornography. 85 percent of full-time, paid imams in the U.S. are foreign-born — but the demand for people like Umar is growing as American Muslim leaders look for ways to keep the religion relevant for young Umar, 31, is a serious Islamic scholar who has studied the Quran in the Middle East, Europe and India — but he’s also a native Californian, who is well-versed in social media and pop culture, and can connect with teens on their own terms. With a foot in both traditional Islam and U.S. pop culture, leaders like Umar are trying to help young Muslims embrace their American experience without letting go of Islamic traditions. It’s part of a broader ...

Can Muslims celebrate Thanksgiving

Can Muslims Celebrate Thanksgiving? Syed Saud Ashraf,MD Member of Board of Directors, MCA The following link gives a reasonable Islamic position regarding the celebration of Thanksgiving and I would encourage people to read it: My personal understanding when faced with such issues is that it highlights a more deeper and fundamental problem, that being: that there is a continued crisis in the Muslim mind. There is a lack of clarity in Islamic thinking and vision as it ought to apply in our daily lives within the contemporary reality. In addressing such issues we routinely come across a missing dimension: common sense. Culture and revelation are two distinct realities - both valuable and obviously necessary and are...

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