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Does Islam Hate America?

by Dr. Aslam Abdullah In response to some ignorant notions of “Islam hates America” and “Muslims seek the destruction of this nation”, as an America Muslim who teaches Islam in Mosques and universities, I can unequivocally say that Islam does not hate America and Muslims do not seek the destruction of this nation. Islam is a universal faith based on the Quran that Muslims believe is a Divinely revealed text from the seventh century, about 860 years before America was discovered. The essence of Islam is the unity of humanity with one Omnipotent and Transcendent God as the creator of the entire universe: “VERILY, this community of yours is one single community, since I am the Sustainer of you all: worship, then, Me [alone]! Quran- 21:92 To hurt the creati...

What Muslims Dare Not Acknowledge.

By Dr. Jasim Pasha Muslims do have the power and the means to eliminate terrorism, if they just dare to recognize the Achilles’ heel of Radical Islamism with an open mind. The whole body of Radical Islamism is conceived in the womb of dubious religious literature. It derives its oxygen from religious ideology and opinions buried in “Islamic literature”, though in direct conflict with Quranic principles, but unfortunately justified and fostered by mainstream Muslim scholars. However, this little monster child of Radical Islamism cannot grow and develop into a real threat for the whole world, unless it receives ample nourishment, which is derived solely from few Muslim and many non-Muslim rogue world powers. Principal theme of Radical Islamism & ass...

Digital Media Helps American Muslims ‘Take Back’ The Narrative From Islamophobic & Extremism.

by Kit O'Connell, Mint Press News. Thanks to years of mainstream media propaganda and Hollywood stereotypes, American Muslims struggle to be defined by more than just the image of terrorist or extremist. Muslims currently represent only about 1 percent of the U.S. population, although those numbers are growing fast. By taking to digital media and social networks, the voices of this small segment of the population can be heard in new places, reach young, impressionable Muslims, and humanize their image in the eyes of the public. “It’s amazing to be a Muslim right now,” Wajahat Ali said sarcastically, drawing widespread laughter from the audience at “American Muslim Media: Taking Back Our Narrative,” a panel at the SXSW Interactive conference in Austin on ...

Speaking Against Terrorism.

by Dr. Aslam Abdullah, Vice President of Muslim council of America In terrorists attacks innocent lives are lost without any gain for those who perpetrate these unforgiving crimes against humanity and above all against God. Laws of God dictate that every human life deserves a dignified existence and protection from all acts of violence, yet the attackers invoking the name of God seem to be determined to take innocent lives at will and show their sickening happiness at every drop of blood they shed in the name of their so called ideology. As a Muslim who believes in the absolute power and wisdom of the divine for giving His guidance to humanity, I am horrified when I read that people who confess to be Muslim by name are involved in terrorist attacks. Surly such people do not understan...

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