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To be American and Muslim is not a contradiction.

by Muhammad Fraser-Rahim, Baltimore Sun. Since 9/11, we have seen efforts by ISIS, al-Qaida and other violent extremists to recruit African American Muslims to their cause, preying on a collective sense of injustice and feelings of deprivation and social alienation from historic inequities. In 2008, for example, al-Qaida's then second-in-command Ayman al Zawahiri sought to interlace domestic African American racial grievances with the global jihad movement, targeting and recruiting African American and Somali youth. A 51-minute recruitment video presented motifs of Malcolm X, attempting to exploit historical African American Muslim activism as a potential means for future radicalization. In a few cases, such efforts have been successful: Edward Archer attacked a Phil...

From veiling to prevailing: The evolving Muslim attire.

Saleem Ahmed, PhD. President, Pacific Institute for Islamic Studies, Honolulu.​ ABSTRACT The centuries-old lawlessness rampant in pre-Islamic Arabia, which compelled terrified women to veil themselves as protection against potential rapists, was transformed into a lawful society during the 23 years of Muhammad’s prophethood. Women could then move around freely, dressed modestly, without the need to "protect" themselves by wearing a veil. However, since the Qur’an’s non- chronological arrangement precludes the possibility of tracing this transformation, some Muslim women continue to veil themselves in the belief it is required. This suggests the need for Muslims to understand the chronology of the evolving guidance on various subjects. Th...

The Social Scientific Case Against Muslim Ban.

by Sarah Lyons-Padilla and Michele J. Gelfand, New York Times There were many reasons to oppose President Trump’s travel ban on refugees and visitors from seven predominantly Muslim countries, which is now blocked by a federal court’s temporary restraining order. Unfortunately, those same objections are also likely to apply to the revised version of the executive order that Mr. Trump promised on Thursday, which will share with its predecessor the goal of “immediately protecting the country” — presumably by keeping out people from countries he deems to be a threat. One objection to such policies is that there is no good evidence that citizens of the countries the president has singled out so far present a significant threat to the United States. Another is t...

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