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​Impact of Islamic philosophers on western philosophy is ‘huge’ ​

​by Jalal Heirannia, Mehran News​ ​“As the various translation projects got underway in Spain and in Southern Europe, it became obvious that Christian as well as Jewish philosophy had much to gain and to question by the enormous sophistication of Islamic philosophy,” Taliaferro tells the Tehran Times. Following is the text of the interview with Professor Taliaferro: How much do western scholars know Islamic philosophy and philosophers? If answer is little, why? Western scholars of the history of ideas would have to be knowledgeable about some of the great Islamic philosophers, including Avicenna or, in Arabic, Ibn Sina, Averoes or Ibn Rushd, Al-Farabi, Al-Ghazali, and probably Al-Kindi and Suhrawardi. There were massive translation p...

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