A Federal judge finds Muslim Imam not guilty

A Federal judge finds Muslim Imam not guilty
M. Akhtar,Ph.D, President of MCA, Author of Muslim Family in a Dilemma

As reported by Olmeda and Nolin in Sun Sentinel dated January 18, 2013, in a case filed against a Muslim Imam, a Miami Federal Court Judge declared Broward Muslim of Masjid Jamaat Al-Mumineen in Margate not guilty.The case was thrown out for lack of evidence. The 26 year old imam. Izhar Khan, his brother and his father were on trial in federal court in Miami, each was charged for working together to send $ 50,000 to Pakistani Taliban terrorists. Khan, his brother Irfan,and their father, Hafiz, all U.S. citizens, were arrested in May 2011, accused of sending nearly $50,000 to the Pakistani Taliban starting in the spring of 2008.The brother went through the full proceedings of the court and was acquitted last June, the father‘s trial still continues, but the Imam was freed when U.S. District Judge Robert Scola entered a judgment of acquittal for the son for having no evidence.
Defense lawyers in criminal trials routinely ask judges to dismiss the case by finding the defendant not guilty immediately after the prosecution finishes presenting its evidence. Judges, almost as routinely, turn the defense lawyers down and allow the trial to proceed.
But Scola, the judge, found the case against the young Khan to be so lacking that he decided no jury could convict based solely on the evidence. His father was not so fortunate – the case against him is proceeding.
The young Imam, who wore the robe of a religious leader made statements that were quite fitting and most magnanimous, “I don’t have bitter feelings against the government. They did what they had to do,” said Khan, “It was a misunderstanding, I think. whatever they did was in good faith” This is a display of high empathy recognizing that he was charged by the public officials who are responsible for protecting the people who are really frightened about terrorism..People like Mr,Khan are what one needs if we would like to see the notion of terrorism weakened. “ He was eager, to put his legal ordeal behind him, said Imam Khan, who was ready to organize sports for his center..
.The Muslim community was jubilant, of course, and they celebrated the acquittal of the Imam. One leader of Muslim community said “,”I’m very encouraged that our judicial system is working and not succumbing to all of the pressure of the war on terror,. “.. There lies the main perspective in which this article is framed. America is like many other societies where crowd psychology dominates sometimes to lead to excessive departures from what is right. But the beauty is that the system at large succumb to undue pressures, and the practice of justice is unwavering like what Islam has idealized. This is why we love America and are proud of it.

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