A Pakistan-born becomes NFL team owner

JACKSONVILLE: The Jacksonville Jaguars have long been in need of a boost and the struggling National Football League team may have finally found it from an unexpected source, Pakistan-born Shahid Khan.
Khan bought control of the Jaguars late last year for a reported $760 million from Wayne Weaver, who led the organization into the NFL in 1995, and has quickly set about making his presence felt, both at the club and the north Florida community.
Unsurprisingly for a man who started out “with a one way ticket and a few hundred bucks” but is now a multi-millionaire auto-parts businessman and member of the elite 32-man club of NFL owners, Khan isn’t lacking in confidence or ideas.
“You watch those games on a Sunday and then during the week, in your own life, you have some sort of obstacle,” he said.
“But it was only about six years ago when I thought, I have developed a love and affection as a fan for the sport and I’d like to be part of it.”
Becoming one of the NFL’s owners was no easy task. Anyone seeking a way into the league not only needs the financial muscle but also the support of the other owners. Khan passed both tests.
Exclusive club
“It is exclusive because you have to be accepted, you have to be able to find the opportunity and you have to be able to afford the opportunity,” he said.
There were initial fears the sale to Khan might be the prelude to a move away from the city but the new owner moved quickly to reassure everyone of his commitment to the city.
“We had a rally to meet the (new) coach on a Tuesday night at 5.30pm, almost 7,000 people turned up. They are hardcore and they are nuts,” he said.
Khan has been embraced by the local community and become a celebrity in his own right.

Why are we highlighting this story under “Be American, be proud” ?

If someone made millions of dollars and happens to be a Pakistani, so what; people do so in every nation, what is the big hype here. To elucidate this there are two reasons, I would like to cite to support the characterization as Becoming American
1) Shahid Khan was Pakistan -born who grew up with cricket as his favorite sports that is considered as national sport in Pakistan. But over the years he switched to football, which is not any sport but is exceedingly special and symbolic ; Football is heart and soul of the country,it is the core to American culture as basic to America as July 4. Then, he did not just switch from one culture to another, but fell in love with the sport and America head over heels, he invested in her a lot of money in high madness
2) Mr.Khan epitomizes a grand story of success and combines with it competitiveness at its height.Competitiveness is the hallmark of American culture. America is to be rated as the highest in the world, when it comes to competition. Initially he failed in acquiring NFL team and that went on for quite some time, but he kept at it , finally succeeded and won the acceptance of NFL - owners exclusive club. Starting with small sum of money but climbing the ladder higher and higher, he overcame the barrier of being poor and being foreigner. That is a complete transformation of the cultures Both tests qualify Mr Shahid as American in grand.
Lastly, one may reflect on the wisdom of Americanization for Muslims, which the present website is exhorting for Muslims as a prescription so passionately. One can simply see the example of Americanization working in Mr Shahid. After America saw him in the desired colors and judged him to be O.K, would any American be suspicious of him and smell the odor of terrorism in him? No, because he got a grand pass that will get him entrance in America any where. In other words, American identity for Muslims is a great pass for them that brings acceptance to those who display it

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