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Muslims were successful in establishing over 3000 Islamic centers and institutions to help them in preserving their religious identity. But their impact on public life in America has been meager considering their high number, which is estimated to be over six million. The Muslims image especially after 9/11 has been increasingly negative. At present it is at an all-time low. Muslims are perceived as dangerous because of their association with terrorism. Muslims deny any involvement but it has hardly fallen on any credulous ears. Muslims feel dismayed to be placed in a situation where they face the reality of their reduced rights and lack of effective measures to change it. To aid in this monumental task at hand, the Muslim Council of America Foundation was established in a collaborative spirit. MCA Foundation’s focus is on the Muslims need to work with a pluralistic paradigm, which includes America and to seek improvement in the quality of life of all Americans, Muslims, and non Muslims. It aims to bridge the divide in them by integrating Muslims and their concerns into the national theme and thus arrange to orchestrate Muslims music in the American symphony. This should not pose a difficulty. Universal values of Islam and its emphasis on exemplary citizenship should cohere well with American ideals and its respect for all religions.

A conflict, however, may be posed when dealing with certain specifics of American society and certain local precepts thought to be associated with Islam. This is clearly the case with the extremist and rigid view on Islam that condones violence against America. MCA Foundation repudiates it and aims to promote an enlightened interpretation of Islam that helps comprehend contemporary life, block terrorism and proactively prevent future occurrences of any conflicts with America. This vital goal, unique to MCA Foundation, focuses on educating Muslims on “Enlightened Islam”.

“Enlightened Islam”, promises to bring “Muslims Empowerment” by equipping Muslims with the power of knowledge that is necessary to transfer leadership to them from extremists who are in small minority.

MCA Foundatiuon takes a multi-prong approach combining political activism with grass-roots education and outreach activities based on “Enlightened Islam”and “Love America” as its two fundamental tenets “Muslim Empowerment” is the flip side of its larger goal of Community Empowerment. This gives three areas of empowerment that MCA Foundation has to focus upon.

Relevant to these areas two emphases mentioned above need reiteration. MCA believes that Muslims must take responsibility for terrorist acts when they are committed by Muslims, and therefore have to commit to changing the underlying thinking or other associated reasons, as the case may be. Secondly, regarding the “love America” stance, MCA takes a clear stand against groups or activities that seek to undermine the greater national interest of the U.S. or of American Muslims.

Again this is through education and constructive dialogue that MCA strives on being a catalyst for positive change and envisions to improve the quality of life for all Americans- Muslims or non-Muslims. MCA membership derives its values from being Muslims as well as Americans. Both these uphold the universal values of freedom, justice, equality and human dignity. MCA believes in democratic value, rule of law, and non-violence. MCA is committed to serve the community in the light of these core values, which make us beholden to our faith and America.

Current Approaches Focusing on accomplishing the mission, MCA aspires to work on its mission through political involvement in issues such as discrimination, civil rights, universal healthcare, poverty etc., outreach, as well as by providing humanitarian assistance to American Muslims and Americans of other faiths. Its current thematic areas of interest are:

  • Research
  • Education and training
  • Social justice
  • Issue advocacy
  • Community service
  • Interfaith and community dialog, outreach and alliances.

MCA Foundation: Combining Experienced Leadership and Vision:

MCA Foundation leadership has been involved in Muslim American and civic affairs for many decades, and brings a vast record of community service and experience. They have been recognized as distinguished leaders in the community.

Combining this with new energies through membership, MCA Foundation aspires to work on a broad and pluralistic paradigm that will serve American society as well as the Muslim community. MCA Foundation seeks to initiate and nurture dialogue and advocacy pertaining to those issues that affect Muslims as contributing members of American society. It is committed to serve the broader American community by emphasizing that American Muslims are law abiding, tolerant, moderate, and represent a positive force in our multi-racial and multi-religious society. In its approach, MCA Foundation not only stresses adherence to the rule of law, justice, but also underscores the understanding that with rights come responsibilities.


The number of books authored or coauthored by the Board Members and Associates of MCA exceeds 4 dozens. John Esposito - Board Member, is by far the single most prolific writer of all. To list as a sample, only one book for each MCA associate is cited below

Muslim Family In a Dilemma; Quest for a Western identity (2007)

By Mohammad Akhtar Ph.d, University Press of America, MD

Family relationships between husbands and wives, between children and parents are examined as they reflect disturbance in the form of divorces and children’s problems exacerbated as a result of conflict of the cultures of migrants and the culture of America. A thorny issue scattered in three chapters of the book is one of the gender equality. The most central issue that is the focus of the book is the identity conflict, it examines problems caused and suggests ways- conceptual as well as practical, to resolve the identity conflict.. The solution suggested is combine Americanism with basic Islam. T o make it work, it cannot be fixed and dogmatic Islam but has to be Contemporary translation of Islam, that is beautifully illustrated by Taha Alwani’s chapter that is included in the book and shows application of islam to the various problems of life one faces specially in America.

Islam: Religion of Peace or War (2009)

By SALEEM Ahmed, Ph.d

The author acknowledges that the Quran has some defensive and reactive guidance that was revealed to the prophet when the fledging religion was being attacked by enemies on all sides. This guidance was later superseded by “ progressive and pro active “ (PP) guidance revealed when Islam had spread throughout Arabia and no longer faced the earlier danger. It is this PP guidance that Muslims should now follow wholeheartedly. And while majority Muslims do follow this PP guidance, their proactive efforts get dwarfed out by the sensationalism created by the violence spewed out by some extremist Muslims, who base it on the earlier guidance

The American Muslim Identity: Speaking for Ourselves.

By Aslam Abdullah & Gasser Hathout

Minaret Publications and available at Barnes & Noble

In the after math of the tragedy of September 11 th, it has become vitally important to know about Islam and Muslims. This unique book is authored by two American Muslim activists for an American readership to fulfill this need. It should be noted that Islam is not an alien or hostile religion. It is indigenous part of American pluralism with long historical roots in the United States

The Islamic Threat: Myth or Reality?

By John Esposito ,Ph.d,

What does the rise of Islam mean for the West, what does the rise of Islam mean for the West?

Top of Form

What do Westerners need to know to understand its religion and politics – and its politics and diversity. Should the West feel threatened? Is there an imminent “clash of civilizations? What is the connection between international terrorism and the fundamentalist Islamic movement?

Islam in Transition: Muslim Perspectives

By John J. Donohue, John L. Esposito

Published 2007, Oxford University Press

9/11 and various acts of global terrorism from Madrid to Bali have challenged the understanding of academic experts, students, and policymakers, Muslims and non-Muslims. Critical questions have been raised about Islam and Muslim politics in the modern world. This work includes materials with representative selections from diverse Muslim voices.


ARIF Ghayyur,Ph.d

(Bayside, Queens, New York: General Hall Publishers)

A demographic research study that had interesting findings on the college students attitudes about desired number of children, preferred age at marriage, population problem in the US in the future, and several other demographic issues

THE ISLAMIC NATION: Status and Future of Muslims in the New World Order

By Ali Nawaz Memon, Ph.D

(Writers’Inc, 1995)

It is an overview of Muslim majority nations in terms of their economic, political, Spiritual and military features. It analyzes their strengths, weaknesses, relations with each other and non-Muslims including the West. It progresses through thoughts on future directions, visions and strategies, and ends with recommendations for collective consideration.

Islam in the United States of America.

by Sulayman Nyang,Ph.D

Working on the assumption that American Muslims are still unknown to most Americas, the author addresses several issues which are relevant to the whole discussion of religious plurality and multiculturalism in American society. Features some fantastic photographs.

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