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We are starting this web site in the new year of 2012 with renewed energy, new ideas and reorganized editorial Board. I am proud to announce an outstanding board with members, who have been well known editors, authors of published books , community leaders, nationally and internationally. They are not just intellectuals but individuals of action who are addressing the challenges and bringing changes that they believe are vital for the future of Muslims in America. As you would read about the website given below, you would recognize the creativity in the paths we have chosen. We have restrained ourselves from following the crowd blindly which is often the temptation if you want to score in the popularity contest, instead we have taken a high road - that is inevitably more difficult and gets a slow following, that is visionary nonetheless. We have assured with the help of capable think tank that we pursue soluions for Muslims problems that are long lasting and should prove their effectiveness over several generations to come. We submit to you in all humbleness to familiarixe with our websie and be the judge your self of MCA to see if there is any merit in the endeavors that we are making. To end this , we like to abbreviate MCA for Alternate Narratives in every sphere of activity that we have chosen. Please check it out.

President of MCA

Editorial Board


Nazir Khaja, MD, Los Angeles,Ca

Saleem Ahmed,Ph.D  Honolulu

Barkat Charania, MD., Houston

Editorial Advisory Board

Aslam Abduallh, Ph.D, Las Vegas,NV

John Esposito, Ph.D, Washington,D.C

Slayman Nyang, Ph.D, Maryland

Managing Editors

Zulfiqar Malik Kansas,


Sarah A Harlan Washington, D.C

Why this Website ? Do we really need it?

If you truly share with us some of the common concerns for Muslims in America and want to understand key challenges they face, you will enjoy this website. For the kind of solutions that are pesented here, however, for the Muslims problems, if you are longing for the most popular answers that are givem routinely without any thinking or careful understanding, you will not find this website thrilling. An abbreviation for our website that will describe it quite aptly is: Altewrnate Narratives or solutions. You will see it is true of several paths we have chosen are visionary in various spheres of activity- this is illustrated amply in the section that follows . All of this should be a compelling justification why we need a new website and add to several reasons why you must read and support this website:

Some unique issues and approaches the website has chosen to focus on are:

A. Focus on critical inquiry and Contemporary reading of Islam. That seeks application of Islam to to the issues of modern life in search for their solutions and that negates blind, fixed, and static understanding in favor of dynamic interpretation of Islam. Worship and spiritual side has a definite place of importance, but the website would deal mainly with the worldly dealings and human transactions known as “Muamlats.”

B. Emphasis on Community Service: The importance of serving with compassion and understanding for humanity at large, as expected of Muslims according to the Quran, but also as an effective response to counter Islamophobia that is gaining popular ground in America. Our free clinic offered by MCA in Pittsburgh, is a model example for servicing America by Muslim physicians in combination with American volunteers from the local community who worked shoulder to shoulder in close collaboration.

C. Living in America has its dues along with incentives it promises. As we begin integrating into the fabric of American society, it becomes imminent that Muslims tackle the issues of new identity that aspires to combine American ways with Islamic values that is made the focus of one site. The second site: Be proud and appeciate America, the only one of its kind in the country, is most unique. In the true American spirit it invites us not just to conform but to explore also new paths for the improvement of America in areas which are problematic; Muslims have a distinct potential to suggest new solutions because of their different backgrounds and unique experiences they bring with them.

D.Political Education. it is good that Muslims are increasingly aware of the importance of getting out there and vote. It brings, however, an added responsibility that they understand that their vote for a candidate has certain implications by way of favoring certain policies and priorities that will affect their public life. It is important to pay attention, therefore, to political issues and educate themselves on the meaninings of public policies.

Liberal policy: Despite professing some definite viewpoints outlined above as our focus, we submit humbly to the supremacy of knowledge and science, advanced by individuals or groups – be it from within Islam or outside of Islam, supporting our ideas or opposing them. We welcome dialogue, invite comments and articles from any one of you who has something to say; the only stipulation is we request a certain degree of civility and quality writing. This liberal policy of our website is result of our belief that Human thinking, Muslims are no exception, is naturally and largely imprisoned to our background. If we want to approximate truth or seek objectivity, we have to liberate it from a narrow cage and pay attention to thoughts that could be different from our own. Only then do we hope to find effective solutions and march forward as a dynamic society in the betterment of Muslims or humanity at large.

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