Are Muslims observing Ramadan really or ritually? would it change them as peple?

Are Muslims observing Ramadan really or ritually? would it change them as people?
AbuArman Jumani

In the Name of Allah, the Entirely Merciful, the Especially Merciful.All praise is due to Allah, the Best of Guide.

“If We had sent down this Qur’an upon a mountain, you would have seen it humbled and coming apart from fear of Allah . And these examples We present to the people that perhaps they will give thought.” (59:21)

“If this is the case with a mountain which is hard and huge, that if it was made able to comprehend and understand this Qur’an, will feel humble and crumble from fear of Allah the Exalted, then what about you — O mankind Why do your hearts not feel softness and humbleness from the fear of Allah, even though you understand Allah’s command and comprehend His Book” (Tafsir ibn Kathir)

Month of Ramadan brings a wave of people towards masajid, who recite Quran, pray Salah, listen Quran in taraweeh, and other seemingly holy activities. Supposedly the Muslims are in a humble state while fasting, whereas if you poke them, they would smile and look down, and then if you slap them, they would say, “I am fasting”. They supposed to be close to God, and reforming their ways for the rest of the year.

Reality is much different. Some can’t understand what the Imam is saying in the taraweeh, because it is too fast. Some can’t understand Arabic, and just looking for melody from the reciter, and they even demand for the most beautiful voice every year, as that would make any difference. Some who understand Arabic are not paying attention to the words and message, and it enters from one side and leave from another. And, every year, Muslims become more selfish, more temperamental, more ignorant to social injustice, and less aware of the bigger purpose of Islam.

As I sit and wait for iftar, I see people sneaking food from another plate, because they think they deserve more from everyone else who is assigned the same portion. If we visit a country populated by majority Muslims, it becomes a challenge to make an orderly queue, because they are unsure, if they will be able to get what is been given out, and the only way to make sure is to step forward and get it before the other brother receives it. Streets are filthy, and people throw trash on the road, without a care about who would pick it up. God forbid, if you cut anyone off by mistake. If you demand your right, as small as pension allocated to you, they would demand bribe, because supposedly their income is not enough to support their family. The list is so long that I could write for days, but I don’t have that luxury right now.

Allah is stating very clearly that Quran if understood and followed would even make the stones tremble from fear of Allah, but our hearts have become harder than stone. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) didn’t just establish Salah, but he established the society that became attractive for Non-Muslims, and the society that protected everyone’s rights. He sacrificed his family’s convenience to serve the people around him. Quran suppose to make us a better human first and foremost, because praying taraweeh without Quran penetrating our heart is a superficial activity.

Muslims should be sacrificing their interests for others. They should be looking out for their neighbors, Muslims or Non-Muslims, and do everything that is asked from the neighborhood, and more.They should be imitating the Prophet (PBUH) in good character, and not the head covering that makes them look foreign. They should be learning the Quran, and implementing it, not memorizing it to repeat in Taraweeh.

Today, a Non-Muslim would most likely be a good citizen in a society then a Muslim. It should be the other way around. So, what is the cause of this inverse affect of Quran on us? Why are Muslims becoming the worst nation in the world? People don’t trust us. Even the Muslims who visit masjid park their car wrong, because they are in a hurry.

Root of all the issue is selfishness. Muslims in general are looking after their own interest. When the right thing to do is a little inconvenient, they would avoid it altogether. Why should I properly dispose my trash, when it requires more effort? Why should I engage with my Non-Muslim friend in a polite conversation about Islam, when I can avoid it? Why should I participate in the neighborhood, if I can have more time for my family? Everything starts and ends with self interest.

Palestinians do not want to accept Israel, because it will decrease their land, regardless what it does to Muslims in general. Taliban want to make statement, regardless of the innocent Muslims they kill n the masajid. Saudis do not want to resist IMF, because it might decrease their wealth. Local Muslims does not want to allow women in the Masjid, because it will upset some of the donors. Several organizations do not want to accept the truth, because it will reduce their membership or support.

Everyone has an agenda, and everyone is looking after their interest. Everyone is a volunteer, and they come and go as their comfort allows. Imagine if the companions volunteer for the activities that the Prophet (PBUH) asked for, and looked at their schedule, and did not show up. Is practicing Islam volunteer or obligation? Yes, accepting Islam is volunteering, but once a person is a Muslim, everything ordered by Allah is an obligation, and all the agendas, and self interest is secondary.

That is why we are falling to the lowest level as a Nation, and we will be disgraced until we stop wasting our time in empty gestures, and hollow traditions, and put the interest of Islam ahead of our interest. Fasting will not affect us, unless we combine it with substantial change in our attitudes, and live according to the message of Quran.

Belief is not just accepting an idea as truth, but it is accepting that idea in truth. It is not enough to accept God as god, but we need to surrender to the will of God.

So, go to taraweeh or not go to taraweeh, but make Quran’s message as priority in your life, and that is the true spirit of Ramadan.

JazakAllah Khairin

A struggling Muslim
AbuArman Jumani

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