Scores of articles were authored by the Board Members in the recent past while many are under preparation to be displayed on this website in the future. They aim to clarify the issues American Muslims are facing. They in fact have been incorporated in the MCA’s platform. The Articles given below are roughly in the order of subjects: American Muslims, America, American identity, Humanitarian service, Muslims, Islam, Interfaith, Political, Terrorism Pakistan and West. In the future, the subjects and the authors included will be expanded. Lastly, it needs to be made clear that the views expressed in the articles are the authors’ views and their responsibility. They may or may not be congruent with the official positions of MCA.



Recent European Scene: Islam on Clash with the West?

M. Akhtar, Professor of Psychology; Chair, MCA
Clash of Civilizations between the Muslim world and the West, suggesting the two are on a course of mutually assured destruction. The Pundits have long warned of the so-called imagery to reinforce the destruction was taken from crusades. These ’protectors ’would have you believe the Crusades (the source of the Clash) were fundamentally wars between the two religions. This assertion raises a question, however. If the hostility of the crusades came directly from the incompatibility inherent in these religions, how would one explain the present closer relations between Islam, Christianity, and Judaism – whose similarity of missions and commonali...

Is America Facing a Domestic Terrorist Threat?

Middle Eastern online
John Esposito,Ph.D; Board Member, MCA
After Jews, Muslims are the most educated religious community in the US. Muslim women (unlike their Jewish counterparts) are as likely as their male counterparts to have a college degree or higher. 40% of women have a college degree as compared to 29% of Americans overall, notes John L. Esposito. The recent arrest of five young men from Northern Virginia arrested in Pakistan, suspected of terrorist activities, precipitated new, dire warnings. Some charge that there is an emerging pattern which challenges long-held assumptions that European Muslims are more susceptible to radicalization than better-assimilated Muslims in the United States. This charge clearly leads us in the wrong direction...


Muslim and Christian Leaders

John L. Esposito

Professor of Religion and International Affairs at Georgetown University, Board Member of Muslim council of America Published October 13, 2009 in

Muslim And Christian Leaders Seek a Global Agenda for Change

Last week more than 80 religious, political and NGO leaders from around the world spoke to packed audiences at Georgetown University’s Common Word conference, at a time when engagement with the Islamic world is more urgent than ever. In contrast to the past, the world of the 21st century is both transformed and threatened by the impact of globalization, a source of integration and fragmentation in international affairs, economic and soci...

Ramadan starts a spiritual cycle in which we draw closer to God and family

John Esposito,Ph.D, Board Member, MCA
If prayer five times a day strikes some as demanding, how about no food, no drink, no smoking, and no sex — from dawn to dusk for a whole month? Inspiring, awesome, or extreme? In our secular, materialistic world, some see such religious abstinence as extreme or even harmful. Yet we live in a society in which rigorous dieting and exercise for health are multibillion-pound industries. Similarly, gruelling marathons and triathlons or 12-to-18-hour professional workdays are often lauded and justified with the modern mantra of “No pain, no gain”. For Muslims the month-long daytime fast of Ramadan, which is just beginning, is a special time set aside to remember God through physical and spiritual discipline: abstinen...

Can Muslims be American

Can Muslims be Americans? They ask... By: Dr. Aslam Abdullah
Can Muslim Americans be loyal to America? She asked. The immediate response of the person to whom the question was addressed was a big no. It didn’t surprise many who were present during the conversation as many nodded their heads affirmatively. It was an ordinary discussion in a home setting where friends and relatives had gathered and some of them had raised the issue of loyalty of Muslim Americans. An elected public official from California, who chooses to remain anonymous, was also present at the gathering. She told the audience not to jump to conclusions and that she would present the questions raised at the gathering, to a Muslim who she knew. She forwarded me a list of issues that were brought up at the ...

Is being a Good Person the same in Every Faith

Is being a good person the same in every faith? A guiding light Rushdy El-Ghussein, former president of the Islamic Society of Greater Kansas City: In Islam the good is to follow God’s commands as conveyed by his prophets and messengers, to accept and grow from everything that God sends, to establish right dealings among human beings, and to conserve and protect the environments we live in. Although I cannot speak for other faiths, I would consider that other God-revealed religions would agree on this. However, human beings have limited knowledge and experience to understand all issues concerned, so differences in interpretation and opinion develop. It is in the nature of human beings to revolt and doubt everything. Sometimes we heed the advice, and sometimes we ignore it. Our paren...

Islam, Muslims, and Reform

Islam, Muslims, and Reform By Dr. Nazir Khaja Board Member, MCA Chairman, Islamic Information Service, US The Turkish Government has recently launched a reform initiative, which is raising many eyebrows. With the view of modernization of Islam it has embarked upon the task of publishing a document that represents a revolutionary reinterpretation of the religion. A team of theologians from Ankara University has been assigned the task of revising Hadith, the second most important foundational basis of Islam. The Hadiths are a compendium of Prophet Muhammad's directives and sayings, which the Muslims hold to be authoritative in guiding them in their conduct in all matters. Its authority is next to the Qu'ran, which is God's revealed word to the Prophet, yet it also serves as the principal gui...

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