As an American Muslim

by Dr. Arif Ahmad, The Moderate Voice

I can keep my eyes closed and report that all is hunky-dory, that all is well just because nothing untoward has happened to me yet.
Or I can be honest.
The war has come home and in a bad way, for such is the nature of this beast and the price is being asked of and paid by those having nothing to do with it.

As it happens in such scenarios, the scale of the problem gets exaggerated several times over as in the number of deaths in America from terrorism is still a tiny fraction of those from gun violence.
With all due respect, would the dead have known or cared for the difference?
Victims remain victims and why are we choosing between them?

Whichever way I slice it, this is not just a rhetoric anymore. The American Muslims are taking some serious heat and are a growing target.
Many are between a rock and a hard place, for their native countries are torn and in a state of perpetual conflict.
From being the low-hanging fruit in the war zones of the East to facing prejudice in the West, we now make that perfect sandwich.

On tenterhooks, walking on eggshells, never thought it would come to this, not here in the US.
Listening to the commentary, I wonder if we are going to be played with or eaten, for it’ll take the best of the American values and the law of the land to protect us.

Tough it out we shall and keep our fingers crossed and hope against hope, things settle down, cool off.
P for Patience, P for Positive, P for Peace, one letter and three words, still make for an incomplete sentence.
I am asking you for a way to come out better and stronger through this.

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