Love - Enrich America

Love America for the beauty and soundness of its culture, strengthen and improve it by joining hands with its sensible leaders who are positively striving for better life in many directions.

Enrich America culturally if Migrants can improve it in one or two ways, if possible, by bringing a certain emphasis- the best of their old culture, while it is still fresh in their mind as it once was in the American mind - strong and alive, but over time American mind got desensitized to it and lost it. An example of it is family life. it is still a sweet longing and an American dream to cherish, but its actual role is much curtailed in the present living of America ..

​Impact of Islamic philosophers on western philosophy is ‘huge’ ​

​by Jalal Heirannia, Mehran News​ ​“As the various translation projects got underway in Spain and in Southern Europe, it became obvious that Christian as well as Jewish philosophy had much to gain and to question by the enormous sophistication of Islamic philosophy,” Taliaferro tells the Tehran Times. Following is the text of the interview with Professor Taliaferro: How much do western scholars know Islamic philosophy and philosophers? If answer is little, why? Western scholars of the history of ideas would have to be knowledgeable about some of the great Islamic philosophers, including Avicenna or, in Arabic, Ibn Sina, Averoes or Ibn Rushd, Al-Farabi, Al-Ghazali, and probably Al-Kindi and Suhrawardi. There were massive translation p...

Duke University allows Muslim ‘Azan’ for Friday prayer

M. Akhtar, Ph.D.

DURHAM, N.C. — Tuesday,January 13,2015.School officials said. A weekly call-Azan, to prayer for Mu...

Is Democracy for Sale?(Exposition 3).

Bribery money from Wall street is  conveniently taken at the expense of public interest? Exposition 1 of the series was given earlier (June issue):  Is US democracy or oligarchy? Exposition 2  was given(October,2014) under Lobbying. The following piece is Exposition 3  that is given here solely for public education . It is the courtesy of the lobbyist organization  Aavaz (MCA disclaims any responsibility for the Accuracy of the report) read more...

Holidays’ names stricken from next year’s Montgomery schools calendar

Holidays’ names stricken from next year’s Montgomery schools calendar By Donna St. George November 11 at 6:34 PM Tthe Montgomery County Public Schools building is seen in this file photo. (Sarah L. Voisin/The Washington Post) Christmas and Easter have been stricken from next year’s school calendar in Montgomery County. So have Yom Kippur and Rosh Hashanah. Montgomery’s Board of Education voted 7 to 1 Tuesday to eliminate references to all religious holidays on the published calendar for 2015-2016, a decision that followed a request from Muslim community leaders to give equal billing to the Muslim holy day of Eid al-Adha. In practical terms, Montgomery schools will still be closed for the Christian and Jewish holidays, as in previous years, and students will still get the sam...

Lobbying : A menace or Necessity for democracy?

Lobbying: A Menace or Necessity for Democracy? Exposition 2. Mohammad Akhtar,Ph.D, President of MCA Lobbying is an American phenomenon, which is new to Muslim migrants. They find it novel but more than that, they find it puzzling. We know bribery is wrong and illegal because an individual gives money to another individual for self- serving purpose that is against the collective interests. But in a similar way, if an individual or group gives money to another individual or group that is similarly counter to the interests of the larger segment of society, it should be equally wrong or illegal, regardless of the money involved being a big amount and given openly rather than secretly as done in bribery. If it is small money transacted between two people, it is considered theft. If it is...

Is US Oligarchy or Democracy?

US is an oligarchy and not a democracy?


The Last Gasp of American Democracy

Originally published here on on Jan. 5, 2014 By Chris Hedges

This is our last gasp as a democracy. The state’s wholesale intrusion into our lives and obliteration of privacy are now facts. And the challenge to us—one of the final ones, I suspect—is to rise up in outrage and halt this seizure of our rights to liberty and free expression. If we do not do so we will see ourselves become a nation of captives. He got the memo: The National Security Agency director, Gen. Keith Alexander, testifies on Capitol Hill last Dec. 11 at a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on “Continued Oversight of U.S. Government Surveillance Authorities....

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