Community Service

Community Service: Community needs to be defined as inclusive, to extend beyond ones ethnic group to an emphasis on being American.
Community service can be rendered in variety of ways, such as feeding the needy people, helping in the family emotional problems by way of guidance and education, organizing Free Clinic for the people of America who have low income (see for example). the choice is left up to a given locale depending upon its preference and the resources availability

Michigan mosque takes in homeless Unitarian Church

By Lauren Markoe, Religion News Service The Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Greater Lansing is getting a new church this spring — but not quite soon enough. Hearing of construction lags and its neighbor’s need for a temporary home, a mosque in East Lansing offered up its worship space – for free. “No charge whatsoever,” said the Rev. Kathryn Bert. “It’s been a lovely story to live. It has been a beautiful relationship.” Since April 3, the church has been gathering at the mosque. The offer from the Islamic Society of Greater Lansing came with no strings attached, but in thanks the church decided to dedicate its plate offering one Sunday this month to the mosque. The mosque, in turn, plans to donate all or part of the offering to Islamic R...

Muslims Helped Save Old English Synagogue

Muslims Helped Save Old English Synagogue According to the Times of Israel March 15,2013,,there is some good news of Jewish - Muslim collaboration. — A Muslim organization in northern England announced it would raise funds and lobby for the preservation of the last remaining synagogue in Bradford. The Bradford Council for Mosques recently began working together with the local authority to raise funds for the Bradford Synagogue, to ensure the building remains a sacred space for future generations, the Telegraph reported on March 5. “When the chair of the Bradford synagogue approached the Muslim community for help and assistance towards the maintenance of this building, it was a challenge which didn’t take us l...

MAGNIFICENT ERA of Muslims’ Inventions

MAGNIFICENT ERA of Muslims’ Inventions A report by the staff In another related article in the present issue the importance of exhibition on Muslims Civilization was highlighted to improve the image of Muslims in the West and the exhibition that was held at Washington, ,D.C was briefly examined. Evidently the exhibition in USA that was reported in the preceding article has traveled and made stops at in the United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Singapore and other places. The latest stop that has come to our attention was in Malaysia?),A report on this exhibition is used here to give glimpses of a few high achievements of Muslims.,Sultans of Science” – Malaysian way of labeling, is a rediscove...

A Model of Health Care in Cuba

A Model of Health Care in Cuba: What can we learn from it? M. Akhtar, Ph.D The New England Journal of Medicine published Drs. Campion and Morrisey’s report on their recent visit to Cuba in January 2013. The article makes several startling observations, which addresses many of the concerns American have expressed with regard to their medical care. The debate around healthcare spanned decades and has reached its most recent zenith under the Obama administration. The latest political solution has been focused on universal healthcare coverage, which has raised questions on the adequacy of health care as well as the associated cost. In this back drop, a review of the Cuban system was thought to be relevant because it does provide universal coverage to its citizens going beyond minimum co...

MUSLIM COUNCIL OF AMERICA Foundation: A Call for New Thinking and Action.

Muslims were successful in establishing over 3000 Islamic centers and institutions to help them in preserving their religious identity. But their impact on public life in America has been meager considering their high number, which is estimated to be over six million. The Muslims image especially after 9/11 has been increasingly negative. At present it is at an all-time low. Muslims are perceived as dangerous because of their association with terrorism. Muslims deny any involvement but it has hardly fallen on any credulous ears. Muslims feel dismayed to be placed in a situation where they face the reality of their reduced rights and lack of effective measures to change it. To aid in this monumental task at hand, the Muslim Council of America Foundation was establ...

Fatherhood in Islam

Fatherhood in Islam Tariq Ramadan, Ph.D Professor of Contemporary Islamic Studies at Oxford University, currently President of European think tank Note: A couple of weeks ago, we commemorated Father’s day in America. It is only appropriate to reflect on fatherhood in Islam too, even though mothers are elevated to a high position in Islam Many fathers miss the opportunity to educate their children and accompany them through life Father and son It is important for Muslims to have a discussion about fatherhood while keeping in mind the ever-fragile state of Muslim families. We need to re-assess the language we use and the ontological assumptions we make when we speak about the role of the father because often, the problem doesn’t just lie with the crisis but the way we deal with ...

Serving Humanity to serve God

Serving Humanity to serve God Zohra Lasania, Assistant Editor Come Sunday, when most people would stir out of their beds late mid morning, when the sun has risen much high up in the sky. It’s a weekend to enjoy, a break from work, and a lazy day. Not so, for a group of Muslims in Pittsburgh. A sister has risen early morning, preparing 30 food packets – a sandwich, a fruit and water bottle – each in a brown paper bag – sealed with a dash of love and prayers – for the homeless that shelter in a downtown location. Soon, cell phones begin to ring, and a chain of communication takes place - what time are we leaving, where are we meeting, and who is going today and who is not. It’s 10:00 a.m. - the group is already on their way, the brothers in one car, and sisters offer a ri...

Domestic violence: Islamic solution

Qasim Rashid Critics incorrectly allege that Islam command's husband's to beat their wives, often citing the Quran verse 4:34. Unfortunately, like any Muslim man who harms his wife, critics miss the keen wisdom in verse 4:34 that actively pre-empts domestic violence. In Virginia, I provide pro bono legal support to victims of domestic and sexual violence. Virtually all of our clients are female. Every nine seconds -- nearly 10,000 victims daily -- a woman in the United States is abused. In America, domestic violence is the leading cause of injury to women, more than car accidents, muggings and rape -- combined. Would those who blame Islam for domestic violence also blame Christianity every nine seconds? Before addressing this question, consider Dr. James Q. Wilson's perspective --...

Helping people of need

Helping people of need : better served if done across different faiths

                                 M. Akhtar, Ph.D

“ Depth psychologists” or Humanists, Maslow for example, recognize a humanitarian sense given in us that gets stronger as we grow old or become mature to a high level of mentally. At that level, humans spontaneously identify with humanity at large. Short of that stage of development , many of us like to confine our charitable efforts directed to people if they are of the same ethnicity, race, nation and religion. Of all these variables, mo...

Zamir Hassan: Organizing for the Homeless

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself professionally as well as educationally?

I work in NJ as an IT and Telecommunications consultant.  I studied at Cornell University in 1973 after coming to America from Karachi, Pakistan where I taught at the University of Karachi.

What made you start the Muslims Against Hunger Project (MAHP)?

I was introduced to a soup kitchen for the very first time in the year 2000 when I went on a school trip with my son.  Surprisingly, this soup kitchen was in one of America’s wealthiest communities where 70% of those coming to the soup kitchen were considered the working poor.  The reality of these working poor was eye opening for me which led me to launch the Musl...

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