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MCA qualifies for Zakat

Our scholars including those associated with the Islamic Fiqh Council of North America have already reached to the conclusion that Muslim organizations engaged in serving Islam through social and educational programs qualify for the zakat fund

The offerings given for the sake of God are meant only for the poor and the needy, and those who are the managers thereof, and those whose hearts are to be won over, and for the freeing of human beings from bondage, and for those who are overburdened with debts, and for every struggle in God’s cause, and for the wayfarer: this is an ordinance from God - and God is all-knowing, wise”. (The Quran 9:59)

The Muslim Council of America (MCA) through its community service serves the poor and needy through programs such as free health clinic, distribution of free food.  Extending these charitable programs to non-Muslims , will serve the purpose of “ winning over their hearts” in favor of Muslims and Islam

The MCA has educational programs on Islam to strive for its better understanding, on the Muslims new identity with the purpose of keeping it subordinated to the essentials of Islam, and on the political process in America with the purpose of advancing Muslims participation. All of this work is to serve Islam, for the empowerment of Muslims, and for producing better image of Islam- this is the Muslims struggle in God’ cause in a land such as America.

The above statement reflects the unanimous view of the following four experts.of MCA that specialize in Islam

1. Zainab Alwani: Ph.D in Islamic Shariat, Member of the Fiqh Council.of ISNA

2. Inam ul haq,M.A in islamic studies , Professor of Islamic program, Elmhurst College and Imam at a Masjid, Chicago.

3. Syed Farooq Ahmed-son of Maulana Mawdoodi

4. Dr. Aslam abdullah, Author of books on islam, Director, Islamic Center, Las Vegas

The primary source of such verdicts is Dr AlQardawi, Chair of European Fiqh Council. Answers to the various questions may be found on the website of the Zakat Foundation of America- such as Zakat is levied on most of the assets a Muslim carries over one year period.

We request you to remember the MCA and its vital programs while making decisions to donate your Zakat money or Zakat ul fitr. Your support to MCA will indeed give an added impetus to the organization to serve Islam and the community effectively and efficiently.

Our holy scriptures remind us of the importance of giving and charitable in many places and in several ways. Charity multiplies and grows manifold. If you give to God one,He will return 70 to you. As believers of the wisdom of God , would n’t you open your heart and be generous. Also some sages say

“Not one who has much is rich, but one who gives much is rich.”
“You must be the change you want to see in the world”

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