Election 2012: Personal Experiences,Inspirational Moments

Election 2012: Personal experiences and inspirational moments

Election 2012: Personal Experiences, Inspirational Moments
M.Akhtar Ph.D, President of MCA
Note: My story, conveying my emotions, is in three parts: before, during, and after the recent election. I present below one episode each for three phases of election that is reviewed below to reflect upon and share experiences with the readers, the third part of this is the climax of inspirational moments when Obama Sheds tears at his victory.
A. Before Election
I like to simply describe here what my wife and I did for voting. Like many others, we lead a very hectic life and were busy in arranging our affairs at this time. To plan our retirement and winter living in Orlando, we were moving out of our house in Pittsburgh. This required a world of preparation, packing stuff, moving it. and making all kind of arrangements in Orlando. Yet we needed to stay in Pittsburgh for about a month after we vacated our house for family and organizational requirements .Our son is getting married in December and our friends had organized a grand party for him so lovingly and we were honored to participate in it. Then I had a key responsibility to organize various affairs of Free Clinic at Pittsburgh before I leave it, that was to be culminated in fundraising November 4,night.Until then we stayed there and drove for Orlando November 5, 3 p.m. The point of giving these details is that we were under enormous pressure to move and move only at a certain time because of which we could not be in Pittsburgh nor in Orlando November 6 -the election day. For a situation like this We had learned about getting absentia ballot. But where do we get it and on what address should it be mailed? That was a big puzzle for us to figure out. Finally, we decided to use our son’s address in Washington, DC, where we were to be visiting him for 3 days. - the period which we could manage to get out of Pittsburgh and then return back for Fund raising. So we did manage to send for the absentia ballot about a week before the election to be mailed at Washington, D.C address, we could not use the Pittsburgh address because we had vacated our house there. To give happy ending of the story here, we were fortunate to have received the absentee ballot on the last day of our stay in Washington, D.C. while we were waiting anxiously for it. That made us feel jubilant. I and my wife rushed to the nearby Post office, and mailed it to Orlando by overnight delivery for $15 to assure ourselves an extra margin so that it reaches there in time.
At this very moment when I am telling you this personal story, I am hearing the news that they are still counting votes in Florida, where Obama has won with a decisive majority count. With voter turn-out in Florida being the highest in the country, makes us feel proud voters of Florida. Whether Obama or Romney wins, that is only of secondary importance to us.,The
The fact that our votes in Florida counted as critical and if they went to make our candidate win is exciting but in a way it is egotism.. In the broad national perspective, however, what makes us feel good citizens is that we voted and did our part regardless of the outcome. Thus, we did contribute to the democracy of America. It makes us feel proud of America, which goes a long way to assure that everyone has the opportunity to vote, sends the absentia ballot to tens of thousands of voters in a timely manner and then processes them so meticulously. As Muslims and new citizens, it overwhelms us and makes us feel to be part of America and we are proud of it.
B. In The Midst Of Elections
For quite a while, the presidential race had been tied and that magnified the importance of Muslims votes. The US media has given due attention to this .For instance, see Jim Lobe (www.lobelog.com)
US Muslims votes could be a critical voting Block
With Barack Obama and Mitt Romney virtually tied with Election Day less than two weeks away, Muslim voters could play a critical role in deciding the outcome November 6.
Why do you think the two candidates kept coming back to the swing states: — Ohio, Virginia and Florida- repeating the visit several times even within one last week? A partial reason is the presence of substantial proportion of Muslims in these states .A major reason, of course, is that
tens of thousands of those undecided voters are disproportionately concentrated in these swing states. A poll of 500 registered Muslim voters released here Wednesday found that more than two-thirds (68%) currently plan to vote for Obama and only 7% for Romney. But a surprisingly large 25% said they were still undecided.
While Muslims socio economic factors favor and encourage them to go out and vote. But one big negative factor that discourages them is their ethnic background. The countries where Muslims came from do not have much of any democratic system. instead they have an ingrained sense of futility associated with election, Their mindset is clear to the effect that no matter if you vote or do not vote, the outcome remains the same, the despotic and corrupt tyrants would remain in control of the country as well as of the machinery running elections..
How to change the negative mind set of Muslim voters? This has been a challenge for many Muslim activists who are interested in serving Muslims and to motivate them to motivate. There have been several approaches taken to this. The one I am selecting to share with you was taken by a leader who likes to keep his profile low. It is very simple but touches the heart and softer side of a person
. To invite Muslims to vote, a grandfather sent out the picture of his granddaughter with a message that follows,
Iman Malik- Georgia Voter: cannot wait for 18 years before she can Vote
Iman (Eemaan) is nearly 4 months old on Presidential election day 2012. She has to wait for next 18 years before she can be eligible to vote. But it is never too early to learn to vote. From her parents Farhan & Azra Malik she borrowed the peach sticker “I am a Georgia Voter” to wear with a drooling smile. She is a born resident of Atlanta.
Photo: provided by proud grandfather- Zulfiqar Malik, Secretary of MCA ,Kansas.
Please, Remember to VOTE on Tuesday, November 6, 2012.
It is your Birth Right as well as your Responsibility.
119K View Download, Unable to open the photo? It is O.K, just imagine a charming face with a sweet smile saying I cannot wait for 18 years before I Vote

C.After the Election and Obama’s victory
President Obama sheds tears as he thanks his staff (Video)
Chicago : IL : USA | Nov 09, 2012 at 4:31 AM PST
By R. Francis Rubio
C. After the Elections
President Obama tears up
In a rare moment captured on video, the characteristically calm, cool and collected President Obama weeps as he speaks to staff and volunteers at a campaign office in Chicago.
After winning his re-election bid, President Obama became somewhat emotional Wednesday as he thanked his campaign staff and volunteers in Chicago. I am going to quote Obama as follows
“You’re just going to do great things,” said the president. “And that’s why even before last night’s results, I felt that the work I had done, in running for office, had come full circle. Because, what you guys have done, means that the work I am doing, is important.”
At this point in his address, the visibly emotional Obama went on to say, “and I am really proud of that
.I’m really proud of all of you, and uh…..” The president paused to wipe away a tear as applause breaks out in the room.
“What you guys accomplished….it will go on in the annals of history and people will read about it, and they’ll marvel about it,” said the president. “But, the most important thing you need to know is, that your journey’s just beginning …you’re just starting….and whatever good we do in the next four years, it will pale in comparison to what you guys end up accomplishing for years, and years to come.”.

As a Psychologist I have a bad habit, I like to peep behind what Obama manifestly expressed his feelings so correctly and so effectively Yet, paraphrasing on my own I venture one theme - and the related chunk of his feelings to it, that Obama did not mention ,either he did not identify or thought it was improper to verbalize. Of course, he feels most thankful to millions of his supporters who came through and made him proud of them as well as proud of himself because they regarded his work important. Wait a minute here! His work was regarded controversial and at best good, but it cannot be the total explanation of his greatness and for which “it will go on in the annals of history and people will read about it, and they’ll marvel about it” That explanation has to include the fact of Obama being black and, partially, may be that he was rejected by his biological father. Despite these deep-rooted handicaps, now Obama finds himself totally accepted by the whole nation and sees millions of people cheering him for his victory. That would account for the enormity of these emotions which makes him break down into tears; the actual change of events is truly a revolution something that takes thousands of years historically to unfold.Blacks who were brought to this country centuries ago to do laborious jobs, black slaves whose blood and sweat went in the mortars of white house,now sit there as masters of the whole country, think about it. Obama’s presidency of the United States in the second term symbolizes the highest power one can have,he is someone who got there as president not just as one time fluke but marks the start of a new era, the begining of a new ongoing tradition in US. This is indeed a revolution and is truly inspirational and may have been in the back of his mind when Obama was addressing his supporters in millions and said “it will go on in the annals of history and people will read about it, and they’ll marvel about it” This may have led him to an emotional breakdown, to lose control and shed tears in public
This is what fills me with feelings of real joy and enormous pride. I salute to the great country that America has proven again to be..One other example of revolution like this that I am reminded of dates far back to the early days of Islam when Arabia was completely bound to the slavery for black people and yet the prophet of Islam appointed a black man in a very short time to be the highest lofty religious leader, to call Muslims for prayers and then he exhorted his followers to end slavery and to free slaves, that was to be counted as amongst the noblest deeds, All of it transpired in about a couple of decades time since he Mohammad (salawats to him) had assumed prophet hood.
INVITATION to Readers: we trust you have been following recently held elections and got your own thoughts and feelings, you are entitled to have them as they are. We accept them and want to extend a special invitation to you for this issue that is at the personal level: so please write your personal opinions under comments and we would publish them, anything you like to share with us- agreement or disagreement, a line or two or a paragraph or two, so go ahead and write.

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