Gift of Ramadan and EID

Gift of Ramadan -
Syed Ashraf

قُلْ يَا عِبَادِيَ الَّذِينَ أَسْرَفُوا عَلَىٰ أَنفُسِهِمْ لَا تَقْنَطُوا مِن رَّحْمَةِ اللَّـهِ ۚ إِنَّ اللَّـهَ يَغْفِرُ الذُّنُوبَ جَمِيعًا ۚإِنَّهُ هُوَ الْغَفُورُ الرَّحِيمُ

Say: “O my Servants who have transgressed against their souls! –
Despair not of the Mercy of Allah: for Allah forgives all sins: for He is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.

As Ramadan yields way to that what which Allah (s) has measured out, the above is a Divine gift for the believer. May Allah (s) accept all our sacrifice and efforts and all of our yearnings. His Greatness is immeasurable and the vastness of His Mercy un-quantifiable!!

Let us take an oath, a commitment that we dedicate ourselves to the learning of the Qur’an - which has been deemed by God as al-Furqaan - the criterion differentiating right from wrong. Let us move from a state of presumption towards a state of certainty and confidence; from a state of denial and ignorance towards acknowledgment and enlightenment; from a state of heedlessness (ghaflah) towards Divine Remembrance and Proximity.

Eid Mubarak to you and to your family

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