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It is our pleasure to introduce a new website

You will enjoy viewing this website for one reason: It is unique. It presents ALTERNATIVE NARRATIVES in various spheres of discourse - narratives which are sensible. For details, go to ” About Website” a link on the top band of captions. For example, our website is selective and deals with Islam mainly in matters of issues facing in the present world (Muamlat). It seeks reading of Islam for finding contemporary solutions to live life righteously in the present context of time and place where we are situated. Of course, solutions have to be alternative and not the same “fixed ones” that are reflective only of the old thinking that was good thousand years ago or two hundred years ago. It was effective back then; it worked; it was new. Historically, Muslim thinking has been dynamic, ever searching, through Fiqh and Ijtihad,for new adaptations and answers for life that are ever-changing
Besides Islam, there are other issues of Muslim-Americans that are explored intelligently for alternative solutions. Some sections cater to the scholarly treatment, while others refer to some action(for example the Free Clinic of Pittsburgh is reported under Community Service). Regardless of the level of treatment an article presents, the reader will be touched by sincerity if it is action-oriented; and, if it is thinking-oriented, the reader will be touched by a search for further thoughts and openness to discussion. There is an invitation in each article for readers’ comments. and finally there is the site for an overall reflection with the caption “Your Opinion”.
As an example, let us take the scholarly article on Shariat in the March publication on the website.One issue that has currently become a political football is Shariat Law. Non-Muslim Americans are calling for banning it because they are fearful that Muslims are out there to force their Shariat laws and “overpower America and suspend its Constitution”. How absurd can it be? Who in the world would perceive Muslims to have that kind of power However, some Americans have been driven by much apprehension. A timely response on the part of Muslims should have been to simply assure their fellow-Americans that such thoughts have no basis are absurd. Muslims did not do that, I submit, because of their confused thinking. Actually the “fright of America” is partially justified as it is implicitly connected to 9/11, brought by some extremists. To top it off, same madness is displayed by by some extremist Muslims who do not possess adequate knowledge but claim it is their “Islamic duty” to establish Shariat law by hook or crook. Why don’t they establish it first in some Muslim country if they want to do their duty?).? In the past, Muslims were required to establish their government for a certain purpose- to worship God freely, and to follow Shariat laws. That does not apply to the current situation of America that allows freedom of religion and more. This view is espoused by several enlightened scholars today such as Tariq Ramadan. Moreover, all Muslims scholars are unanimous in asking Muslims to follow the land of law, which is America , when you do live in a “non-Islamic state.” The need to establish Shariat laws in America is not required by Islam. To say otherwise is stupidity and is the result of ignorance and misguidance.This clearly is the illustration of Alternative thinking compared to the prevalent thinking amonst Muslims One other relevant dimension to this confused thinking is the “definition of Shariat, who defines it” That is examined in depth in a scholarly article by Dr. Abdullah. Because of abstractness of the subject, it may not be easy reading for some , but the article makes several points quite clear:
1) There is no consensus among ulemas on one single definition of Shariat.
2) If it is defined as a body of universal precepts such as included in the US constitution, Islamic Shariat is closely matched by the US Constitution.
3) If Shariat is defined as a body of specific principles , they vary from time to time, as a matter of the history of Islamic culture, from place to place
. The article reviewed above is basic and is a contribution towards scholarship. But there are other types of articles in the same March issue, that may provide light reading, but also provide an ALTERNATIVE viewpoint, such as “A Pakistani buys a NFL team in Florida”, The topic is “be American, be proud”. Why is it a big deal? The article shares its perspective.
Hope you will remember and come back in the future to the website, that is yours

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