Is Democracy for Sale?(Exposition 3).

Bribery money from Wall street is  conveniently taken at the expense of public interest?

Exposition 1 of the series was given earlier (June issue):  Is US democracy or oligarchy? Exposition 2  was given(October,2014) under Lobbying.

The following piece is Exposition 3  that is given here solely for public education . It is the courtesy of the lobbyist organization  Aavaz

(MCA disclaims any responsibility for the Accuracy of the report)

Last week politicians on both sides of the aisle conspired to betray regular Americans – passing a budget deal that guts regulations on Wall Street speculation and opens the floodgates to political spending by the super rich. But if we unite behind insurgent primary candidates that represent our interests, we can make these sell-out elected officials pay for their betrayal.

The budget deal snuck-in a massive payout for political parties and the ultra rich, increasing to $3.1 million the money couples can give to party committees each election. And it hid a rider repealing part of the Dodd-Frank financial regulations, allowing banks to once again gamble taxpayer money on the risky financial derivatives that caused the 2008 crash.

The Democrats who sold us out received twice the contributions from Wall Street and industry insiders as their colleagues who voted against the deal. So we’re building a war chest to launch primary election challenges against these politically vulnerable turncoat Dems who supported the slimy deal. If every time these guys sell us out they have to face our music, they’ll think twice about the next budget betrayal

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