Mission and Goals

1. Community Service and Charitable Work: To serve the humanitarian cause by rendering help to the needy people -Muslims and non-Muslims, who have been left behind.

2. Political Empowerment: To educate Muslims in the American political process and to engage with elected and appointed officials at the local, state and national level on issues of American Muslims’ concerns. To encourage Muslims to participate at all levels of political process.

3. Muslims Empowerment: To organize educational forums to emphasize the essential Islamic message of peace, progress, justice, and tolerance. MCA will articulate this enlightened view, project the position of the silent majority of moderate Muslims, and help them gain a prominent voice. The need for the moderate voice is vital, which is at present marginalized by extremist views that are aired 24/7by the media. In turn, stereotyping has resulted in American Muslims being viewed with suspicion in the post 9/11 world.

4. Public Policy Issues : To provide a forum for discussing public issues of concern to Muslim Americans and America at large; and to commission intelligent and objective analyses of pertinent issues based on Research, leading to formulation of policies and plans of action in the public- political arena

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