Our Core Values

We derive our inspiration from the fact that we are Muslims as we are Americans. From both sources we get universal values of freedom, justice, equality and human dignity. We want to be charitable to all; and naturally want to contribute by undertaking humanitarian work to the Muslim nation and the American society both. As regards our specific commitment as Muslim, we subscribe to the enlightened- moderate view of Islam. As American, we believe in the democratic system and in the Constitution of the US. Having preamble in being Muslim and American, gives us other specific values as listed below.

We believe in Social Justice for All

  • We believe in the principle of equality in the opportunity for all and uphold the position of no discrimination on the basis of race, religion, gender or national origin
  • We believe in promoting understanding and better relations among all sections of American society through inter-faith dialogue as well as dialogue with the media:
  • We believe in the political empowerment of American Muslims of all races, colors, and national origins;
  • We believe in achieving our political goals with the emphasis on education and on a non-partisan basis;
  • We believe in non-violence and categorically reject the use of force in resolving disputes;
  • We believe in full transparency in our affairs specially in the area of finances of MCA Foundation. We will not accept any funds from foreign contributors.

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