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M.Akhtar,Ph.D, Chairperson, MCA Foundation

It is with humility and yet with great pride that MCA presents its website in the hope that it marks as a distinct addition to the profusion of websites of myriad kinds. Like the organization, the website also has a clear and sharp focus on serving Muslims of America with a distinct and contemporay view of Islam along with a clear and definite commitment to America. Blind adherence to centuries old rulings has to change and Islam needs to be reinterpreted to meet the emerging demands of the new world. In its pursuit we join Tariq Ramadan in his “call to reform Islam that goes beyond adaptation to envision bold and creative solutions to transform the present and the future”.As regards our committment to America and how we feel, America is our home and we want to make a valuable contribution to her advancement and for a better future. By virtue of having the above focus and its logical implications that follow, we have to have our primary concern with Muslims of America and not to all Muslims. Similarly we have to be discriminative and not follow all practices that transpire in the land of America and as such pass on as American. In other words, our commitment cannot be to all but has to be selective and well defined, that shall be with the emphasis on what is authentic of America and shall highlight the focus on American Muslims. However, given the pluralistic paradigm that inheres in being American as well as being Islamic, when we extend it beyond America, our committment is to the whole Muslim world and to all of humanity in their struggle for justice, for example. In the final analysis, our committment to ideals such as justice, peace, freedom and equality is supreme and unconditional.Therefore, we feel comfortable in relating to people of different religions and of different kinds; actually we welcome their participation and invite them to join this broad based endeavor. MCA Foundation wants to associate with all organizations and individuals with diverse viewpoints, who are active in the pursuit of justice and peace. It has reserved sections in its website such as ‘Open Forum’ and ‘Scholars’ because it is eager to include the readers and writers, respectively, from a broad spectrum of philosophies.

Lastly,it must be made clear that views expressed in any section of this website are exclusively the views of the individual authors and inh no way represent the official positions of MCA Foundation.
Also, this e-mail and any attachment(s) are believed to be free from virus. However it is the responsibility of the recipient to ensure that they are virus free. We do not accept any liability for any loss or damage arising in any way from the receipt, opening or use of this e-mail and any attachment(s). .

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