Panelists with Specialties


Zainab Alwani Ph.D- Islam Virginia UP  
*Farooq Ahmed MD New York UP  
Inam-ul-Haq M.A Illinois UP  
Aslam Abdullah Ph.D Nevada UP A



Saleem Ahmed Ph.D Hawaii UP A
John Esposito   D. C. UP A


Islam in US

Sulayman Nayang Ph.D D. C. UP A
Robert D,Crain,   J. D. MD  



** Aslam Abdullah Ph.D Nevada UP A
*** Firas ahmed   Massachusetts    


Muslims Issues: in the following perspectives

General Shaheer Yousuf MD Maryland    
Finance Ali N. Memon MBA Maryland   A
Psychology-Identity M.Akhtar Ph.D Pennsylvania UP A
Psychiatry Farooq Ahmad MD New York
Social Work Altaf Hussain MSW Maryland UP
Political Analysis Islam Siddiqui Ph.D Virginia
Aslam Abdullah Nevada UP A
Firas Ahmad Massachusetts
World-Muslims John Esposito Ph.D D. C. UP A
Ali N.Memon Ph.D Maryland A



Organizational John Esposito D. C.
Legal Asad Ba-Yunus,Esq Florida    
Website - Management Zulfiqar Malik Kansas    
Website - Editors Board Farooq Ahmad N. Y.    
Saleem Ahmed Hawaii    
Ali Memom Maryland    
Aslam Abdullah Nevada    
Sulayman Nayang Virginia    
Website - Policies Nazir Khaja California    
Islam Siddiqui Virginia    


Note : The notations used above represent * son of Syed Mawdoodi
UP - University professor,
A Author of book/ books - in most of the cases multiple books
** Chief Editor, Muslim Observer
*** Deputy Editor, Islamica Magazine (Boston)

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